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Jean is a professional Angel Intuitive

She is a natural born channel who can receive messages with ease from angels and other beings of light including Ascended Masters. She loves and admires these amazing sacred beings so much that her quest has been to learn everything she can about them.  She enjoys reading and studying about Angels and others as well as connecting to them via   journaling and meditation. She enjoys sharing her findings and using her abilities to provide messages to  others.  She offers  energy healing / wellness sessions,  intuitive oracle card readings and a variety of classes and workshops.


Jean offers unique angel guided sessions for people and/or their pets. Available either in person in Denville or remote.
IET Energy Healing Sessions

Energy is the language
your body speaks.

Did you know that we are made up of many layers of energy? And that each of us has our own specific vibration and purpose?   Our physical body is created from and sustained by our unique energetic layers.

Angel Readings


Jean offers a variety of classes.

NEW:  Ascension Book Club

-Angels 101
-Archangels Series
-Meet your Guardian Angels
-Etheric crystals
-Mystical Beings
-Oracle Card Certification
-Various IET Classes

Home/Space Clearings

Spiritual Energy Space Clearings use a specific protocol as developed by the angels for clearing negative / low vibrational energy via the assistance of highly evolved, beloved celestial spiritual beings.  It is led by the Archangels & includes Ascended Masters.  

Using these high vibrational energies as well as prayers, mantras, ethereal crystals and oils and decrees, the Angelic Kingdom and Celestial Beings are invoked to release all levels of negative energies. Done remotely, this amazing and beneficial protocol can be used for people, pets, homes and businesses. A complete session can take ~2 hours