Chakra Immersion: Energy Balancing Session

Jean has created a customized focused chakra immersion energy clearing and balancing session especially for people and/or pets who either have not had any energy work done or have not had an energy session for more than six months

What are Chakras?

Chakra in Sanskrit means wheels of light. Ancient yogis believed that the seven major chakras keeps your body, mind, and spirit properly functioning and healthy. These energy systems in the human body cover basically every area in the body, like doorways that connect you to spirit/Source. They support you in many areas of your life.

While there are seven major chakras located up and down your spine, you have numerous minor chakras. Being “minor” does not mean it is less important as all chakras support each other. It is beneficial to align, cleanse and clear “minor” chakras, too. Your focused chakra session with Jean concentrates on aligning, cleaning and balancing 33 chakras (from above your head to below your feet!) to correct and clear any disturbances keeping your chakras from properly functioning.

When your chakras are healthy, they help you to express your true self and your innate creativity. You feel more balanced and in good spirits.  Energy created from emotional and mental influences flows through your chakras. This energy is also distributed into the body’s cells, tissues, and organs and these vital parts are cleaned and balanced as well. When your chakras are not in harmony the result is energetic disturbances caused by either congestion and/or depletion of life force energy.  When cleaned, aligned and balanced, you sparkle from the inside out. 

Benefits of clear, clean chakras:

  • Similar to the physical spaces we inhabit (home, car, office, etc.) chakras need to be cleared of clutter, the chakras, a vital part of our being, would benefit from being be cleared of old thoughts, energies, feelings, and emotions.
  • Chakra “clutter’ is energetic baggage disguised as layers of negative energies like fear, heartache, shame, guilt, etc. is released with ease when done in one focused session.
  • Clearing your chakras overall holistically restores and strengthens your connection to your whole self and your divine inner wisdom.
  • A chakra clearing session is valuable in cleansing the energy that surrounds you and releasing any stagnant unnecessary energy that is weighing you down energetically.
  • A 33 chakras focused energy sessions can be done with equal effectiveness either in person or remotely.

What is a Chakra Immersion session?

It’s important to note that a chakra does not function on its own. It is part of a dynamic interrelated series of energy centers forming your entire chakra system.  

  • During your session, your chakras are cleared, cleansed, aligned, balanced, and harmonized as well as associated organs and systems. Sessions can be performed either in person or remotely. 
  • While Jean incorporates chakra healing of the major chakras during a healing session, this is a focused approach, devoting more time focusing on 33 chakras and their associated organs.
  • This is an excellent session to choose if you have never had a healing session or haven’t had a session longer than six months.

Benefits for Pets:

  • Bringing your pet’s chakras back into balance can help with many common issues such as fear and timidity, bullying and aggression, inappropriate elimination, digestive upsets, living in unnatural environments and more.
  • Anything that causes a block or an obstruction or disruption in the flow of their subtle energy, in one or more of their chakras affects the flow of energy in their body.
  • If your pet has suffered physical trauma, surgery (neutering/spaying), mental or emotional abuse, a focused chakra session would be of immense value to them.
  • While Jean includes a general chakra balancing during a healing session for pets, this is focused chakra approach for pets includes clearing their specific major and minor chakras (including their paws, ears and more!)
  • A focused chakra session for pets is offered only remotely. Pets are very adept at receiving energy and they usually prefer to have energy work done remotely so they can relax and receive uninterrupted.

Your Post Chakra Immersion Healing Session

  • The positive effects from your Chakra healing session may continue for up to 72 hours as the healing energies integrate.
  • Thoughts, emotions, physical sensations and sometimes memories may surface as your body flows through the integration process.
  • Listen to what your body is telling you and take time to reflect on any experience or insights that may arise.
  • You may wish to ask the energies to help you with your intention on an emotional, mental, spiritual, or physical level.
  • Do not have any expectations with respect to the work the energies will do. Just receive!
  • Give yourself permission to rest if you feel tired.
  • Drink extra water.
  • Be kind to yourself.