Sparkle with Angels
Angel Readings by Jean
What Happens during your angel reading?

Your angels want you to be happy and will give you guidance and wisdom to support you in feelings of
joy and peace.

When the session starts, the angels begin transmitting healing energies helping you clear blocks to
receiving their messages and bringing in the energies of joy and peace.  Their healing energies can
be sent for the four main layers of your energy field:
  • Physical for clearing heath and/or body concerns.
  • Emotional including feelings and imbalances blocking you.
  • Mental clearing for belief systems that are not serving you.
  • Spiritual for releasing karmic-soul lessons/patterns.

Jean uses various angel oracle cards to help support the messages she receives from  your Angelic
Team. The cards are intuitively chosen and are based on the questions or concerns you mention.  The
angels offer their guidance and wisdom for what is currently happening in your life. Their responses
are always loving, positive and uplifting.  

As you ask questions, the cards assist in bringing your message forward.  Jean connects with the
Angelic and Spirit realms to link directly with your angelic team during your reading. Your session often
includes actions to take (also lovingly known as "homework") which is received directly from your
beloved spirit team. Discover which Archangel is waiting to work with you as they offer their divine
insights fro a higher perspective.

Jean also uses a her intuitive gifts to channel the wisdom of these heavenly beings. Receive
messages concerning your present life situations and gain clarity on how to make your future a
positive journey.

Choose a general reading to learn what your angels want you to know or bring your questions.  Ask
your angels about your career, relationships or life purpose, pet or whatever else is on your mind.  
Angelic support comes from a place of unconditional love because they see through to the very heart of
you. Know that the angels and guides  never judge you, they love you very much and always want the
best for you.  They are your heavenly cheerleaders!
Benefits of an Angel Reading:
•  Angel readings connect you with heavenly energy bringing peace and tranquility to the session.
•  Your angel reading provides angelic healing throughout the session. As the reading comes toward the end, Jean is often guided to offer
additional targeted mini-healing session, too.
•   By connecting with loving angelic presence, your reading offers you invaluable insight into various key aspects of your life and can also boost
your confidence and provide affirmation in your own decisions.
•    Channeled angelic assistance provides access to higher wisdom and clearer insights to support you in enhancing various areas of your life.
•  Insights and support from the Archangels plus your angels together empower you with guidance for your highest and greatest good.
Angel Parties

Enjoy getting together with your friends, to meet your angels and learn what
guidance they have.  Host reading is free.

Party size of 6-8 people are suggested.  

Can be hosted either in your home or Denville Location.

A party can last between 3-4 hours depending upon number of guests.  

Please contact me for more information about booking an Angel Party.
What is an Angel Reading by Jean?

An angel reading by Jean is an intuitive reading that includes loving
messages from your angelic team including: your guardian angels, spirit
guides, and Archangels.  Jean can often identify which angels and guides
are present during your reading who specifically want to let you know they
are supporting you. There is usually one Archangel who speaks on behalf of  
the spirit team during the reading who provides loving guidance, wisdom
and  words of support.

Your angelic team offers guidance on topics that are of importance to you
including your life, work, health and relationships.  A reading can also be
used as confirmation on your life situation. Many people use Angel Oracle
cards for confirmation on what they already know to be true for themselves.

This is true for all Angel Readings if you are thinking your intuition is correct
in the situation that is on your mind, scheduling an Angel reading for
confirmation is one of many signs that may help confirm your thoughts and
help develop your ability to know you are in contact with your Angels and
guides and receiving the information correctly.
Special 2020 Angel Oracle Card Message a Month Reading
Appointments start in October 2019!

Get ready for 2020 with an Angel Reading that will provide a subject of the month to focus on.  

Using various oracle cards, a message a month (12) months plus 2 messages (one for
learnings of 2019 and one overarching theme for 2020) via an angel reading.  

Oracle Cards are a powerful spiritual guidance tool that can provide insights and wisdom for
you. 14 different oracle decks are used to create your unique 2020 Card reading.  Imagine
the benefits of receiving 12 months of angel guidance from your personal angels.

Each month has a specific theme and your angels will provide unique monthly messages
and reveal your most likely options and choices for the year ahead as seen from the point of
view of your beloved Angelic team.

Receive a handout by month with the angel card and theme of the month. The message of
the card, angelic advice and room for your notes are all included.

Your individualized reading can take up to 1.5 hours as the angels often channel guidance
and information.  Fee: $144.    
What happens during your reading and Benefits
2020 - 12 Month Angel Message a Month
This reading brings to you messages about the next 12 months.  Your reading is based on your current life information.  We are all making
conscious and unconscious choices and decisions daily.  Your thoughts and actions are rearranging your future! The
It will also inform you about any possible obstacles that will need to be dealt with -- and the angels and cards will tell you what is needed in order to
deal with these things.  Having a one-year reading can help you plan and prepare for the events in your life and allows you to make the best
decisions possible where needed.
We set your intention for messages for your highest and best outcome for the upcoming year, asking for guidance for the year and each month.  

The future is always unwritten because we have free will to change our minds. Angels and out Spirit Team can offer guidance on the path and
choices to take but ultimately it is up to us to make that leap of faith. Twelve month Angel Readings may offer a glimpse into your year ahead if we
are open to the possibilities that we are in fact being guided by those that love and care for us so very much.

With such a large reading in a 12 month angel reading you need to take the time to read over each Angel card and truly listen to your inner guidance
and the angelic wisdom on what that monthly card means to you. Your first initial impression may be completely different to the Angel Card
explanation and your impression may be the correct one. So it is important to take note of your feeling and remember your Angels are responding to
your calls for guidance.
Scheduling an Angel Reading or Party or need more info?
Birthday Reading
Special Birthday Angel Oracle Card Reading: Is it your birthday or the birthday of  someone
special  or a friend? This a specific 40 minute Angel guided oracle card birthday reading for $60. It
includes 8 cards with a specific message for each card, for example: Reveal a blessing bestowed or
what's coming into your life.  You'll learn who is your specific Zodiac birthday Angel.  Plus a 15 minute
distance healing is included as an additional birthday gift. (Birthday gift certificate available.)

Appointments are available by phone, Skype, email or you can visit me in person in Denville, NJ for
your reading. Distance readings will receive a copy of the card spread as well as a picture of the
cards and your Birthday Zodiac Angel.   Fee: $75
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Reading Session
Request -  Comments:
Please submit the attached form, indicating what type of reading day/date/times)
and you will receive a reply within 24-48 hours.  Thank you!

The Angel Message a Month reading provides a different card/deck subject each month for you to focus on.  Sometimes this can be an issue that
you may need to address or a new subject to learn can be introduced.  Both can help you grow and expand. This is a forward looking divine
guidance perspective of how you can improve your

A regular angel reading focuses on current events and issues you are experiencing in your life at the present moment in time. In most cases,
these readings usually provide divine angelic insights and guidance for up to the next six months to help you move forward and bring joy into your
life now.

Regular Angel Reading session fees - in person, phone, Skype or Zoom
30 Minutes:  $55
60 Minutes: $100