Sparkle with Angels
Angelic Help for Alzheimer
Patients and Caretakers
Before I continue, let me step back in time and tell you a little about my family.  I was raised in a
very loving and supportive home by my mom and dad.  I also have an older brother.  Our
parents encouraged us and was always there for us.  We lived next door to our maternal
grandparents in a semi-suburban NJ neighborhood.  We had a dog and grew vegetables in
our small backyard garden. Money was always a struggle for a middle class family and it was
the same for us.  While we may not have had a lot of material things, we did have a lot of
respect and love for each other and I never felt like I was missing something.  My dad gave me
driving lessons and sent me to the hardware store for items when he was repairing
something.  My mom taught me to cook and sent me to the grocery store when she needed
something.  My dad taught me how to change a tire and the under the hood inner workings of
my first car – a '68 Charger.  When I told my mom I didn't want to eat meat, she helped me
figure out what the meant and honored my choice.  We all got along.  I thought that’s how all
families were.  

I’ll share two short stories with you.  When I was about 10, I was running behind an end table
playing with our dog when I tripped over the lamp cord which caused the lamp to fall and
break.  I was so upset I started crying.  My mom told me not to worry, I didn’t do it on purpose
and we can always get a new lamp.  When I got my first apartment, my mom used to save
quarters for me for the laundry.  Then one Sunday my dad asked me if I would give him $5 and
he’d give me something.  My mom said to me your dad would never do anything to hurt you.  I
gave him $5, he gave me a $10 roll of quarters. He would always give me a special Christmas
present just from him.  I still have many of them, included a crystal creamer and sugar bowl
and a musical piano jewelry box. My dad passed away from cancer over 30 years ago.   My
mom’s been on her own ever since.
The first few years tried my patience because in the early Stages the person repeats
questions over and over as their short term memory loses the ability to recall and remember,
but long term memory is good.  I call it a journey because her status keeps changing, and
we’re on this crowded road together with the help of the angels, we learned how to navigate
and adjust.

I attended Alzheimer meetings and they were SO VERY HELPFUL.  If you can get yourself to
their monthly meetings, it can really help you.

As we go continue thru the different stages of this journey, I felt somewhat prepared as my
Uncle (her older brother) had also been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s.  When he was
diagnosed with this disease, I started to research it and had asked the angels for guidance
on how to connect with him. The angels guided and taught me how to connect with him
during meditation. During our “mediation meetings,” I was able to ask him questions and
see how he was doing.  We would agree to meet at another time a week or so later and it
seemed like he was always waiting for me when I connected with him.  

He would take me places, sometimes we’d be in their backyard, just the two of us where two
chairs were waiting.  Other times, he’d invite the family (others who were crossed over) and
we'd have a BBQ.  Once he was dressed in his Navy uniform.  We’d sit and chat on a huge
rock or go for a walk in a garden. At first, he was a little confused when I connected with him,
but after awhile, he was very aware and very happy to see me.  Sometimes we'd sit in
silence, sometimes we'd talk about family.  It was all very wonderful.
My wonderful Mom was diagnosed with Alzheimer's

One of the scariest and devastating days of my life.
It was for her, too, but she would forget and that was
a blessing.

My mom has Alzheimer’s.  We’ve been on this journey
since April 2010 when she was diagnosed with colon
cancer and had to have surgery. She is cancer free, but
after the operation, her memory was never the same.  

She had been forgetting more and more, prior to the
surgery, but the operation seemed to have kicked the
memory loss up a notch.  She ended up in an Assisted
Living place near us. I was still in denial it wasn’t Alzheimer’
s, but convinced myself it was a result of the anesthesia
from surgery and she had senior dementia.  

I want to share with you some of the guidance as taught to
me by  the Angels. I would like to be of service to you and
your loved one during your journey.
Some History
The Early Stages
If you are interested in a healing session or meditation meeting for your loved one to see if it is right for them or if you are in
need of a healing session for you as the caretaker, please complete the form below for a free 15 minute consultation to
discuss how we can best support you as well as be of service to you.  All sessions are individually and uniquely provided

You'll receive an email form me within 24-48 hours with some suggested appointment times.
Mom is entering the later stage of her Alzheimers.  She still feeds herself but doesn't make much
sense when she  talks which breaks my heart to see her that way.

I do miss our annual holiday shopping day and going to her house for holiday meals, but she is
still here.  However I do talk to her about us going shopping or what we will make for
Thanksgiving or talk about birthdays and what gifts we should buy.  I play music, we sing. We
laugh.  I enjoy her company.  I can still hug her and hold her hand.  

Healing sessions can’t cure Alzhemier’s.  I know that. I don’t claim it can, but it helps her feel a
little safer, a little less confused, more relaxed and that means the world to me.

I've been having meditation meetings with my mom for several years now and feel that it is such a
blessing. And I continue to  have meditation meetings with her and ask her how she is, if anything
hurts or what I can do for her.  She is not confused during our meetings. I understand her perfectly
as we have regular conversations.
ALTERNATIVE ALZHEIMERS HOLISTIC CARE: During the beginning stages of Alzheimer’s, the person often feels frustrated,
anxious and angry, distant healing sessions helps   to support the person cope a little better with these emotions. The healing
energies help the person relax feel at ease and reduce stress.  Healing sessions can’t cure Alzhemier’s.  I don’t claim it can, but it
helps them feel a little more in control. Fear is a big factor for them and healing sessions helps to reduce fear as the healing is full
of loving angelic energy.  

And for the caretaker, a healing session helps rejuvenate a weary soul as so many emotions and feelings are swirling around.  As
the disease progresses, healing sessions continue to support their physical and emotional bodies providing comfort and a feeling
of safety.  Meditation meetings can help discover what’s on their mind by asking them questions or listening to what they want to
say and share with you.

I offer alternative holistic care for you and your loved one.  The angels can provide guidance and support and direct the healing
sessions as well as the meditation meetings.

All sessions can be done remotely.  There is nothing for you or the patient need to do or prepare for the session. If you are in the
Denville, NJ area, you are welcome to schedule an in-person session for yourself.

I offer a discount fee for remote healing sessions for either the caretaker or patient. The healing sessions are not a cure. It helps
your loved one's anxiety and confusion, stress and restlessness.  Is particularly beneficial when they are in the sundowning phase.
Also know that I donate part of the fee is donated to the
Alzheimer's Association since their meetings really helped me cope when
mom was first diagnosed.
Healing Session Benefits to the Alzheimer’s Patient:
•  Reduction in Stress and Depression
•  Increased Peace and Calm
•  Feeling of Being Supported
•  Decrease in Agitation and Tension
•  Aids in better sleep
•  It’s a complementary modality to any medical treatment

Healing Session Benefits for the Caretaker:
•  Let the Angels help provide guidance and support
•  Relax with time for self-healing
•  Provides a feeling of joy and peace
•  De-stress (in person with essential oils and peaceful music)
•  Cope with difficult situations
•  Aids in better sleep
•   Removes energy blockages, adjusts the energy flow of the
organs and systems bringing the body into balance and harmony
•   Feel Refreshed and regenerated afterwards
Mom's Diagnosis
When traditional communication is no longer an option.
Reconnect with your loved one:
Benefits of a Meditation Meeting:
•   Discover what’s on their mind:
-  Is there anything they want/need?
-  Do they have a message for you?
- Any questions you may have for them....
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I'll be sharing more about our journey, but we haven't completed it yet.  In the meantime, I was asked by the angels to get this
message out about how to help people now.  So here it is.

They angels have also asked me to create a meditation for the caretaker to connect with their loved one as well as an Alzheimer's
guide to help you through your joint journey.  
moments when she can put a few words together that make sense.  Shes eating less and
getting thinner.  But she still smiles and has a good attitude. She seems to like to watch game
shows on TV. I believe it's because they have a lot of upbeat energy and happy people.  

How lucky I am to have a loving mom and how angry I feel that she has been taken
away from me like this.  Yes, I still have those feelings, 8 years into our journey.  
Sure, the spiritual side of me understands the gift in this experience, but the human
daughter in me cries profusely and often with sadness from it..  And I'm okay with
that.  It took me awhile to be get to this place of acceptance.