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Remote Angelic Property
& Space Energy Clearing
Remote Angelic Property & Space
Energy Clearing:  R
ealign the Energy in
Your Space

Having an energetically clean property or
space is very important even if you use
other methods.  A Remote Angelic Property
and Space Energy Clearing  helps to
support your happiness, health and

Have you found that the usual,
recommended ways of clearing negative
energies from your home or space (like
below) is not as effective or long lasting as
you had hoped? So, you have to do them on
a regularly repeated basis.
Did you know that while these and other methods are great temporary solutions, they often do not provide all the
benefits of a property clearing because…
• they do not clear out ALL of the 10 different common types of energetic pollution that can affect our spaces?
• temporary methods are often intended for indoor use so they don’t protect your home/land

This Energetic Residue can be from current or previous occupants which can inadvertently affect your emotional
health, your physical health, your relationships, and even your children and pets in negative (or less-than-
positive/joyful) ways.  Note:  ‘Energetic Residue’ is the negative energies contained within a space or on a property.
Do I need a space clearing?

This Remote Angelic Property and Space Energy Clearing is a more effective, comprehensive, longer-lasting
solution. It uses the most sophisticated and effective methods available for clearing negative energies – and
keeping them out for a year for good!

Sometimes it is very apparent when a space or property needs to be cleared. For example:
•  You may see things out of the corner of your eye
•   You may feel extremely drained and tired all the time
•   Hard for you to focus and gain clarity
•   You may have issues with your electronics - Lights turn on/off
•   You or family member have nightmares or night terrors

And sometimes it can be a more subtle way that your property or space needs to be cleared:
•  You may feel “stuck” in life without knowing why
•  You may feel a little more down or blue than usual
•   Your house does not feel like home
•   Something feels “off” to you and you can’t put your finger on it
•   Changes in the behavior of people/pets in the home

When you are able to clear the specific residue that is affecting your property, you will be able to free yourself of
what has been energetically weighing you down.
Request your Remote Angelic Property and Space Clearing Session  

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Are you currently using methods such as:
• Burning sage or incense
• Diffusing Essential Oils
• Using sound to clear energy, such as
music/mantras, singing bowls or tingshas?
• Using crystals or sea salt
• Physically cleaning and tidying the space
What happens during a Space Clearing?
In a Property/Space Clearing Session, working with the Angels and Archangels we will

How toxic and how clean the property/space is on a percent scale of 1-100.  This provides information on how much negative
energy will need to be cleared, so we know when your property is at 100%, then your property is clear.

• If there are Earthbound Spirits attached to the property and if so, how many, why they are there, and identify  the strongest negative
emotions  they resonate with to clear them effectively. (Earthbound Spirits do not create negative emotions, rather they amplify ones
that are already there.)

• If there are any Earthbound Spirits simply visiting the property.  These are not always negative energies; these lost souls just need
some support to cross over.

• If there are any poltergeists on the property.  No, worries,  a real poltergeist is not like you see on TV, but they do have strong
enough energy to possibly make noises, affect electronics, etc.

•  f there are any residual hauntings on the property. These are different than having Earthbound Spirits attached to your space or
property. This energy is from a past event that repeats and has been imprinted onto a place.

• If there are any emotional residues at the property and if so, what kind. Emotional residues are energies that are imprinted on
land, an object, or a building. It is similar to the residue left behind by someone who smoked cigarettes or cigars in a space for a
very long time. It tends to be absorbed into the carpet, walls, and curtains and similarly professional cleaning helps remove the

•  If there are any ‘Negative Thought Forms’ that need to be cleared. Negative Thought Forms are repeated thoughts that contribute
to any negative underlying feelings we have about ourselves and others. Like emotional residues they can be absorbed into the
land, house, or object until cleared.

•  If there are any ‘Negative Thought Form Clusters’ which are the energies left behind when someone is constantly being negative,
complaining, creating drama or similar. They easily leave behind negative ‘clusters’ of energy at any given moment.

• If there is any ‘Unwanted Negative Energy’ affecting the property. This energy comes from behaviors like nagging, bullying and
controlling which can come from inside the home or are directed at someone in the home by someone else at a distance.

• If the property is actually on an outdated land assignment (such as a burial ground, a battlefield, etc.) While this in itself is not
necessarily negative, it can be helpful to know so we can honor what the land was for and the ancestral spirits that may remain and
also gain their support within
Request Your Remote Angelic Property and Space Clearing Session
Process and Pricing
Do you need a space clearing?

When your property and space is cleared of negative energies, you will experience positive effects.
•  You may feel happier and more cheerful
•  You may feel a little more calm and peaceful
•  Your house feels like home, lighter and "right"
•  You may start sleeping better
•  Feel healthier, clearer, more focused.
•  Your space has more vitality
  • Once I have received your payment and information, I research all of the above and determine what needs
    to be cleared based on the ten categories that were identified.
  • I will clear any Energetic Residues as required as well as provide a beautiful celestial protective blessing
    which includes placing etheric crystals on your property for additional powerful spiritual protection. Your
    property will be  cleared when these steps are completed.
  • I also go room by room to identify and clear energies that are present in each room.
  • I record my findings of your property and rooms and email the information to you as an MP3.  Also included
    is some angelic guidance suggestions for protecting your home from low vibration energies.  You receive
    this within 7-10 days after receiving your information.

Pricing:  $125 for one session (After payment is received, you will receive an email requesting your address and
other information about your property.
Remote Angelic Property and Space Clearing Session Request
Your name:
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Your phone number:
Your Property Address
(Street, City and State)
You will receive an email from jean@sparklewithangels that will
contain a form which has to be filled in and signed (typed signature.)
When the form is received and payment is made, your Remote Angelic
Property and Space Clearing Session will be performed.