Sparkle with Angels
Animal Communication
There are many topics that you may wish to talk with your pets via an animal
communicator including:
•   Discover what they are thinking, feeling and what means most to them.

Deepen your understanding, intimacy and sacred bond with your pet.

•  Understand how your pet views his/her daily life,  their everyday likes and preferences
and needs
•   Discover  how your animals view your relationship, the purpose of your coming
together,your joint sacred bond and how any past life issues may be relevant to the
•  Behavioral Problems?  Discover and address  the causes, negotiate changes and
solutions on both of your parts.
•   Emotional issues like fear, aggression, depression etc.
•   Traumas from an injury, illness, death or grief can be discussed and healed on many
•   Discuss your pet's' view and experiences of illness or  health problems; prepare
them for surgery or other medical interventions
•  Support and understand your animals' needs through their transitions process (their
desires and thoughts.)
•  Talking with the Spirit of your pet after their transition.
•  Has a family member (human or animal) transitioned?  Our pets grieve the loss just
like we do and can appear depressed and  despondent. Support their needs through
their grief.
•  Expecting a new arrival? Baby or another pet? Help your pet understand family
structure changes: new arrivals of animals or humans; discuss your pets needs before
adding a new animal family member; departures of animals or humans through
divorce, separation, etc. They even feel a loss when children go away to college.
•  Going on a trip or moving?  Help your pet understand that their humans will return
from business trips and vacations and who will care for them to reduce or prevent
separation anxiety; showing them "pictures" of a new home beforehand, including any
important physical boundary concerns.
Animal Communication
As an animal communicator, I can converse with
animals who are either physically here or in spirit.

I am able to exchange information between you
and your beloved pet for the purpose of
deepening your relationship.

When I connect with your pet and you so we are
all in the same energy and your pet is able to
connect with you on an even deeper level.  I am
able to see, feel and hear what your pet wants to
let you know as well as provide the information
you are saying to them.

Your pet guides the conversation and provides
feedback to your questions and concerns.
When Not to Use Animal Communication

As a Substitute for Veterinary Care: Animal communication can help us gain information about our animals' perspective of their
physical health. While a communication session can assist in getting answers to questions about your pet's physical symptoms,
i.e., where in their body is the discomfort, is the discomfort shooting pain or more like an ache, is it chronic or situational? Though
this type information can assist with veterinary care, animal communication should
never, ever be used instead of medical
diagnosis or medical care.
 If your animal is physically ill, please seek veterinary medical care first.

As a substitute for basic dog obedience training: Sometimes clients will call an animal communicator about problems with dogs
not following basic obedience commands. While an  Animal communication session could effectively supplement dog training by
helping dogs understand why their people want and need them to do certain things, sometimes dog obedience training is the best
solution.  An animal communication session cannot replace the basic obedience training many dogs need. Please know that our
beloved dogs deserve our help to learn to live in our human homes and human culture, amidst our human rules of what is
acceptable and what is not. To learn these things for their safety and our peace of mind, dogs can benefit tremendously from the
specialized help of a professional dog trainer. In fact, if more humans enlisted the help of dog trainers for these things, less dogs
would be surrendered to shelters for "not being trained."   They really, really want to do what is expected of them, but their basic
instincts are of a dog, with a dog's sense of reasoning.  

Please find a dog trainer near you who uses a humane, gentle, positive reinforcement style, who is very unlikely to subscribe to
"choke and harm" methods of training. Our pets, like people respond better to love,praise and rewards.  Again, please keep in mind
hat your pet  wants to please you, know that they really, really  do.  
Using Animal Communication to Help with Behavior "Problems"

Living with beings of different species can present challenges, especially
since our cultures and our natural ways of living on the earth can vary so
greatly. Behavior problems, if not medically caused, can often be from a
misunderstanding between person and pet.

Behavioral problems can occur when a pet acts naturally according to their
species (i.e., barking or digging or filing their claws in  furniture), clashes
with the way we prefer to live (i.e., expecting peace and quiet or scratch-free

Everyone's tolerance level for certain behaviors varies. To help animals
understand what we prefer regarding what we see as behavioral problems,
it's very important to see things from both points of view and to give
on-going, careful consideration to what we can live with and what we
cannot. For our animals to be able to meet our expectations, we must
communicate clearly with them. They so want to please us and do what is
asked of them. It's not that they are behaving this way on purpose.  It is part
of the natural essence, their natural be-ing.   At the same time, it's important
to be open to the ideas, needs, reasons and requests your pet may share
and to be willing to express empathy for their reasons for doing what they're
doing, even when we do not condone the behavior.

In an animal communication session, it is not for me to judge or  "take a
side" as it is a learning process for both sides. The session is more like a
mediation.  Our joint goal is to clearly understand each others' positions
and feelings regarding the problem, to be sure everyone involved
understands how the problem impacts everyone else, and, whenever
possible, to identify the deepest known root cause of the problem and to
help negotiate solutions.

It is a precious gift to learn the root cause of what is creating emotional pain
or imbalance for someone we love. It gives us the opportunity to empathize,
and to collaborate in resolving the problem with clarity and compassion.  
Animal communication and your participation helps us accomplish this.  
Your pet will so very honored that you have cared enough to have wanted to talk to them.
The focus of a session is to create an interactive, mutually respectful 2-way
conversation with you and your pet.  

An interactive, compassionate approach is how I facilitate my sessions this
process to help you and your pet further understand, clarify and use the
information exchanged in a meaningful and or practical way. In this method
the values, needs, desires, and issues of both of you are respected and
intentionally part of the conversation.  

I always work with the angels in a love-filled, open heart so the information
received is helpful and constructive, for learning and understanding of
everyone’s highest and best good.
For more information or to schedule an appointment, please use the  contact us page.  

A 30 minute Remote Animal Communication Session is $45.

A picture of your pet is helpful, but not required.  I do not need to meet you and your pet in person. I work energetically and
connect energetically to you and your pet as this is how your pet communications with other animals and is very used to
this form of communication.

Below is my Animal Ethics for your information: