Sparkle with Angels
Archangel Mentor Program
What to Expect

Have you been trying to develop your spiritual intuitive/mediumship gifts and abilities but
been feeling overwhelmed, confused or unsure?

Are you someone who is just starting out in your journey, or someone who wants to build a
professional practice on a foundation of love that empowers others, Archangel Mentorship
can support you.

Do you have questions?  Clarity and focus paired with step-by-step guidance using a
balance of practical tools, techniques and useful exercises all directed and channeled by
your Archangel Mentor. Discover a new-found sense of confidence, a grounded-centered
self and a new way; a fresh way, to feel empowered in your life choices. Bring back  joy and  
peace into your life.
Are you ready to unlock your divine intuitive gifts and meet your Overlighting Archangel Mentor?
Your First Session  

During our first session, we will identify the Archangel Mentor who will be your main
overlighting angel.  Your Archangel will suggest the three most important topics to
support you on your soul's mission and Divine plan which will resonate with you,  
your goals and your heart's desires.

Plus you will now have one man "go to" angelic source. You are attuned to your
Archangel mentor via a meditation.

Your Archangel Mentor provides you with insights and wisdom to solve issues and
problems, healing and clearing limiting believes. You receive handouts and  learn
about their angelic qualities and wisdom which will enhance your connection to them.

I may be guided to do a mini healing during the sessions usually to remove blocks
and release limiting beliefs and balance chakras. Attunements may be provided as
guided, too.

We bring in other angels as needed. Content and information is created just for you
to reach your goals.

You receive unique and individualized information (including handouts and
actionable assignments) which is mainly guided by your Archangel Mentor.  
Who is the Transformational Archangel Mentor Program for:
•  Beginners/Novice on their journey to understanding their soul purpose and metaphysical subjects.
•  Some experience and knowledge, looking for more in-depth information and guidance.
•  Feel called to do the work, but lack confidence, feel overwhelmed, or aren’t sure what to do next.
•  Would like to “go pro” with their gifts and would like help learning to work with clients and/or bring more “flow” to their readings.
•  Advanced looking for someone to provide guidance in client situations, strengthening or expanding current gifts.
Transformational Archangel Mentor Program:  What to Expect - Do you have Questions?
Is the Transformational Archangel Mentor Program right for you?
Transformational Archangel Mentor Program Benefits
Oracle cards are from Doreen Virtue card decks.
My philosophy on the Transformational Archangel Mentor Program is simple because I
believe in three things:

1.  Our time together for your development and empowerment which should be fun and
easy with no pressure.

2.  It’s easy to trust, be confident, and embrace our calling when we work from a place of
alignment and love… part of that is nurturing ourselves and the connection with our own
Inner Being.  You are important.  

3.  Your Archangel Mentor and I will NEVER judge you and we promise to help you not
judge you, too as you learn and grow in a safe and loving environment.

This complete heart-centered angelic approach to our Transformational Archangel Mentor  
Program allows you to weave your intuitive development into your “real life” in a much less
overwhelming – and much more rewarding – way.

Emphasis on fun and focusing on being aligned with the work that TRULY matters to you
makes it easier to trust and get excited about your gifts, identifying your soul purpose and
following your heart’s desire.`
Transformational Archangel Mentor Program

Do you feel you have a Spiritual purpose, but are unsure of
the steps or actions to take?

You feel you have a purpose, but unsure what it IS?

When a person is on a path of self-discovery there is often a
need for mentoring — to spend time with another person
who can act as a guide and sounding-board,  who is there
to help the discoverer learn and expand at their own pace.

You receive unique and individualized exercises and
practices which are guided by your Archangel Mentor.
Your First Session and Additional Session Possibilities
When we seek a spiritual mentor, we ask another to be
present for us as we seek answers and grow spiritually with
their guidance and support. They help us develop
confidence, empower us and create a practice which
enables us to move closer to source, to our higher self, to
our spiritual mentors and find our inner self.
My Philosophy on  theTransformational Archangel Mentor Program
I offer personal one-on-one mentoring sessions which are guided by the Archangels because everyone is at different stages on
their path.  Personal sessions enable me to co-create with you and your overlighting Archangel Mentor, a program specific to your
individual needs, interests, and comfort level.  Your Archangel Mentor will be your "go-to" Angel supporting you in your life.
You will receive personalized support to develop your abilities, answer questions about energy, Spirituality and essential angelic
guidance in these areas and/or those areas you have requested.
The Transformational Archangel Mentor Program Pricing
There is no minimum commitment time in that you can continue sessions for as long as you choose.

Your overlighting Archangel Mentor most likely will provide "homework" to help you along your path.

Mentoring schedule and  fees are based on your specific requirements and goals.  
I team with you and your Archangel Mentor who guides and oversees our sessions. Their guidance inspires you and helps you to
take action.  Your team helps you identify emotional blocks and your Archangel Mentor will provide advice as to how you can quickly
move past them so you can achieve your goals with lasting results with ease.

Transformational mentoring provides you with “a-ha” experiences because together we create transformational experiences which
has long lasting outcomes.

We use a holistic mentoring approach, to appeal not only to the mind, but also the body, emotions, imagination, awareness, spirt
and self-choice.  My goal is to have you leave our session feeling empowered and connected to your inner self and your Archangel
Mentor thinking that you got value from our session.
Begin your own transformational journey impacting your entire being for the better with the help of your Archangel Mentor.  I team with
you and your Archangel Mentor who guides and oversees our sessions. Their guidance inspires you and helps you to take action.  
Ben Franklin once said, “Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and
I learn.”  This is the approach used during your mentoring sessions.
  • Reduce Anxiety when Connecting with the Angels                        
  • Study Energy Healing with the Angels           
  • Develop a Rich Relationship with the Angels            
  • Learn Protection & Shielding with the Angels                           
  • Raise your Vibration
  • Balance your chakras
  • Receive healing form your Archangel Mentor        
  • Achieve Your Goals  & Your Heart’s Desire
  • And more….        
Your first session is approximately between 60 and 90 minutes and includes receiving channelled
information and activities from your Archangel Mentor for you personally.  As this requires up to an
hour prep work, the first session is $175.  

Sessions after that are discounted from usual rates.