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These are the classes coming soon?.
  • Animal Reiki
  • Angelic Soul Writing (Channeling)
  • Angelic Spiritual Protection
  • Ethereal Crystals, Flowers and Herbs
    Attunements Workshop
  • Angels 101
  • Angels 102
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Did you know that you can give powerful Crystal Healing WITHOUT
physical crystals? Similarly for Herbs and Flowers, too. With these
attunements you can call upon a stone, flower or herb and have it
appear on the palm of your hand in ethereal energy and then to place
it on the body where the healing vibrational energy of that element is

You will receive several attunements during the workshop and a
handout of the crystals, flowers and herbs that you are attuned to.  
Between attunements, we will review the handouts, discussing the
properties of the elements, but also ways to best use them.
Are you ready to channel your angels and guides?
Soul Writing (also known as channeling)  is a unique and effective method that enables us to access information which we may
otherwise consider to be inaccessible through our conscious (ego) mind.  This workshop helps you connect with your angels and
guides to help you receive accurate and loving guidance.

Receiving this information via soul writing can help us in numerous ways:
-  Do you have various situations and issues that you don’t know how to address?
-  Would you prefer to receive loving angelic advice versus enlisting friends and family?
- Do you want to become your own empowered decision maker?

The Angelic Soul Writing Workshop is one way to connect with the beloved angels as well as to help you become familiar with your
personal guides.  This method will bypass the safety/protection part of your ego mind to help create a genuine connection with your
angels and guides enabling you to receive positive, valuable, loving information and assistance.

This workshop is perfect for you if you are interested in:
•  wishing to go deeper with your spiritual connection
•  looking ways to develop or expand your spiritual guidance  
•  desiring to learn to trust your own intuition
•  seeking personal empowerment
•   reaching the deepest and wisest parts of your inner guidance
•   wanting to set healthy boundaries in your life
If you have a love for animals and wish to learn how to use Reiki specificallly for animals, then
this Animal Reiki course would be of benefit to you.  W e'll talk  Animal Reiki is an energetic
connection specially adapted for our pets as well as other animals which offers targeted
techniques through light touch. Learning Animal Reiki gives you the ability to take a more active
role in animal health and wellbeing by being able to understand and energetically work with
animals. Your connection with your own animals will strengthen as you learn to understand
each other on a deeper level.

Since there is no Attunement during this class, you must have taken Reiki I or be Reiki trained to
take the Animal Reiki class.  Learn treatment techniques for assessing energy imbalances
throughout the animal chakra system (energy centers) and how to work with each of these
energy centers to enhance the effectiveness of each session.  

The class is for anyone who has animal companions and wishes to energetically enhance their
animal companions’ lives. It’s also beneficial to those who care for and work with animals
professionally or in a volunteer capacity or have a love of animals (domestic, farm and wild.)
Would you like to know about angels and archangels, how to connect with them,
how they communicate with you, how to invite their loving positive energy into your
life? Then this class series is for you.
Learn the power of the angelic realm and activate or enhance your divine
connection to them.  Begin your journey to sparkle with the angels in this four-part
Basic angel class.  Each class has been uniquely created with Angelic
assistance and Divinely guided by a specific Angel.  As we experience the energy
of the angels during each class, each class also provides their angelic
unconditional love, blessings and healing energies as well as raising your

In Class 1, we start with an Angelic Overview to discover who the Angels are and
why they are here.  Then learn about the amazing nine choirs of angels, their
purpose and how they are here to support you.  Meditation: Angel Halo Meditation
to open your soul star chakra aka Angel Halo.

In Class 2, we will spend time learning about guardian angels.  You will have the
opportunity to meet one of your personal guardian angels.  You will connect with
one of your guardian angels via a meditation.

In Class 3, we will take a look at some of the most popular Archangels. You will
learn details about them including the meaning of their name, some ways to
identify them, the ways they support you and a channeled prayer from each of
them to help you connect with them.  Meditation from one of the Archangels.

In Class 4, we conclude by talking about the Angelic realm and how these
magnificent celestial beings are here to help you with your everyday life and how
you can engage their assistance. Unfurl your angel wings meditation.
Angelic Soul Writing Workshop
The objective of this four-part series is not only to introduce you to the amazing Angelic Realm, but also the benefits of working
with the Angels/Archangels .  Begin to develop a deeper connection with your own healing team of angels. These classes will
also provide you with tools and techniques to bring the inspiring loving energy of the angels into all aspects of life.  

Over the 4 classes you will discover:
1. Who are Angels and The Nine Choirs/Orders of Angels – Discover the amazing celestial hierarchy of angels and begin to
interact on a deeper level with these most loving celestial beings.
2. Your personal guardian angel  - Learn about Guardian angels and discover your own personal guardian angel and how to
connect with your guardian angel. The name of one of your guardian angels and a one card Guardian angel reading/message.
3. The Archangel Realm – Learn about some of the popular Archangels.   
4.   The Angelic Realm – Learn about the angels who are here to assist you with your everyday life.
Including Practical Angels such as Angels of Buildings, Abundance, Nature, Animals, Travel, Shopping, and more!

Includes a handout and an item associated with the specific class.

This series of four classes will take the knowledge of angels learned from Angels 101, and  build and grow your angel expertise
with classes focusing on;  Connecting with the angels including tools and techniques; the power of your angels and how the
angels help you with healing; calling in your angels and how they can support you in opening and/or expanding your intuitive