IET Blessing Bowl Workshop
Sparkle with Angels
WHEN: Saturday January 25th 1-3pm
BLESSING BLOW WORKSHOP  - January, 25th 1-3pm
Manifest your “hearts desires” with your personal blessing bowl.

Manifest with the IET Angels - create your own angelic blessing bowl

Integrated Energy Therapy® is an Angelic energy healing system
that focuses on releasing and healing blocks and limiting beliefs to
support you in living your Soul's/Life purpose. Through the use of a
special IET technique, we’ll call on the Angels and your Guides and
Guardians to draw and attract the desires of your heart.  Your
blessing bowl will be attuned to the energies of all 3 levels of IET
and linked to the 9 of the IET Angels.  
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Set your intention and choose items that represent your intention to place in your blessing bowl.
A bowl is a symbolic empty spiritual container. When the bowl is attuned to all three levels of IET plus Angelic Love and Joy
Energies it is converted into a Blessing Bowl.  This is your own special container that holds your own written acknowledgments and
and express your dreams for 2019 by writing what you would like to manifest: supportive friends, a loving relationship, financial
assistance or career/job change, peace, joy, deeper connection with the angels or expanding your intuitive gifts.

You can use your bowl to help you manifest: a soulmate or other personal/work relationships, an ideal work situation, increased
prosperity, an ideal living environment, clients, students, a new office or whatever else that is in alignment with your soul's mission
and your highest healing.
Testimonial from 2018 Blessing Bowl Workshop:

Daniel B NJ I took the IET Blessing Bowl workshop last year:   

I created a financial prosperity & abundance blessing bowl.  

“I have received money in the following ways: An inheritance came in quicker than I expected,
I received a small Christmas bonus (we usually don’t get any!).

I Received overtime pay in December which were not supposed to receive, and the company let us keep it! My company decided to give
certain employees a raise and that included me.  It’s so exciting to see and notice these changes. "
Join IET Master-Instructor/Practitioner Jean and create your own IET Angelic attuned Blessing Bowl for manifesting what you want to
bring into your life this year. Manifesting is super powered using a Blessing Bowl when it is attuned with IET angelic energy and
attuned to YOU. With the help of the energy of the IET Angels, you can magnify your hearts desires and bring your life into alignment
with the blessings of your intentions.  

We will walk through the steps to set your intentions that will assist in manifesting your goals for 2019. We begin our workshop with
a meditation, inviting the healing angels in and receiving a blessing from the angel who will be working with you to manifest your
specific heart’s desires.  You will also heartlink to your bowl, strengthening your manifesting miracles abilities even further.  

You will write potent messages and set your own powerful intentions and assist in blessing your individual bowl.  Objects and
items you can put into your sacred blessing bowl to empower your intentions will be provided.  Your personal bowl represents what
YOU want to bring into your life.     
From our Feb 2019 class.
Can't make a class?  Host a Blessing bowl
workshop in your home. Invite your friends
and bring the energies of the angels to your
home, friends and family.  

For more information
contact Jean.