Sparkle with Angels
IET Higher Steps (8-14) to
Transformation Classes

Are you a healer with a mission to heal not only
people but also the planet? Then these steps are for
you as they expand your reach worldwide.

During each Step (8-14) you will be connecting with
the angels at not only a personal level, but also a
world level to bring joy, peace, healing and more  to
yourself, people, places, animals,nature and the
planet with the energy of the nine IET Healing Angels.

In addition to experiencing these Steps to
Transformation, you will learn the hand mudras to
instantly re-activate any one of the steps anytime
you wish. Do them daily and/or nightly for your own
wonderful, amazing healing personal transformation
IET Higher Steps to
Transformation Classes
Below are the IET HIGHER STEPS (8-14) to Transformation:
Open your heart and let the love in.
IET Mission:  “Heal the world one-heart-at-a-time”

The IET vibration uses the amazing violet angelic energy ray of Angel Ariel and the IET healing angels.
(Individual Healing sessions for these steps are available.)  

No energy experience/pre-requisites required to take these classes.

Each process brings you gently and energetically into alignment with who you really are at a Soul Level.

Each process comes with a quick hand gesture (aka mudra.) And when it is used, it recreates the energy of the
process that you learned in this class in an instant, easily realigning your energies.

                            Step 8:  Grid Healing
                Step 9: Pure Joy
                    Step 10: Compassion
              Step 11: Homecoming
          Step 12: Unity in Action
Step 13: Ascension
        Step 14: Being Love, Living Love

Each Step begins with a Process Overview and ends with the Automatic Process Reactivation for that Step.

Step 8
Grid Healing
  • Work with the 9 Layers of the World Angel Grid
  • Clear resistance to receiving love
  • Be imprinted with the energy of empowerment.and bring in the energy of empowerment
  • Experience and learn the Process to Create Grid Healing

Step 9
Pure Joy
  • Meet the Cherubs and their Joy-filled energy
  • Raise Your Vibration to joy which is your natural state of be-ing
  • Add a layer of pure joy to the World Angel Grid with the Cherubs.
  • Access pure joy as frequently as you like in your life

Step 10
  • Experience and activate Angel Ariel's Heartseeds of Compassion
  • Learn to direct the Energy of Compassion
  • Learn a new “Angel Wash” Process
  • Enable Compassion to easily expand and grow in your life
  • Travel inter-dimensionally into the “Dimension of Love”

Step 11
  • Hear Angel Ariel’s Message about Homecoming
  • Discover your special healing and empowerment "Heartlight" colors
  • Create a safe and powerful inner sanctuary for you
  • Experience the energy that unifies all life.
  • Discover your true spiritual self

Step 12
Unity in Action
  • Unlock Your Heart’s Code
  • Move into the crystalline vibration
  • Journey to the highest angelic realms
  • Create your own personal crystal key
  • With an Unlocked heart’s code, become unity in action

Step 13
  • Receive Angel Ariel’s Message about Ascension
  • Create a new energy center within your body called a “Heart Star”.
  • Uncover the Elements of Ascension with sacred geometry
  • Work with Your Earth Star, Your Soul Star and Your Heart Star
  • Merge your Earth Star with your Soul Star to align with the Unity Wave

Step 14
Being Love, Living Love
  • Learn about Angel Ariel’s thoughts about Being Love
  • Build your very own personal angelic energy grid
  • Experience Unconditional Love and  Divine Surrender
  • Live Love

Has your Soul been calling to go deeper into your Spiritual Transformational Journey?

If  you are Ready to say Yes to You, if you are Ready to experience a deep inner transformation with the loving
support of the IET Angels, if you are Ready to create a shift in your life which will lift you to levels of joy, peace
and love beyond anything you could possibly imagine, then the 7 Higher Steps to Transformation are waiting
for you.

Are you a healer who feels drawn to expand your healing gifts further in the world? Are you being called to help
heal the planet, people, places, animals? Then these steps will be of service to you as they focus on not only
healing yourself and others, but also healing others and the planet globally.
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•  Are you In the area? Let Jean bring the class to you... this class can be offered at your location with a
minimum of three or more attendees (including you.)  

Class Fee:   

Option 1:  $240  (Early Bird 10% Discount - register and pay in full in advance - November 16th)

Optional Pay for each class $120 / class ( no Early Bird discount)

• One illustrated workbook covers all Higher Steps
• Certificate included which you will receive upon completion of all Higher Steps.

Pre-Registration is required.   Day before or day of class: please text Jean prior to class start time to let Jean
know.  You will be joyfully welcomed as space and materials allow.

If you are not sure you want to take the practitioner training, this is a great way to dive into experiencing the
healing angels and the power of IET® energy processes in your own life on a personal level.