Sparkle with Angels
IET Sacred Relationships
Integrated Energy Therapy® (IET) Sacred Relationships
Date: A
ugust 3rd   
Time: 2
-4:30 pm
With Jean, IET Master Instructor /Practioner at the Huna Healing Center in Denville, NJ

A Sacred Relationship is soul based.  Would you like to increase the sacredness of existing relationships?
Change ordinary relationships into sacred relationships? Would you like to experience and deepen your
sacred relationship with the angels?

Learn to turn an ordinary relationship into a sacred relationship with anyone, friends, family, neighbors,
acquaintances and even strangers (e.g. a customer service rep or a job interviewer.)

One of the amazing things that happens when you are in the energy of Sacred Relationships is that somehow
things work out better in life then if you tried to do it yourself.
IET Sacred Relationships
Please feel free to contact Jean for more information call/text: 973.945.4330

Students who have previously taken a class are welcome to review / audit , please
contact Jean for details.

You are welcome to visit my I
ET Instructor Webpage to learn more about IET.

Prerequisites: Students must complete the Basic Level 1 IET training class.

Class Materials: you will receive a handout.
Using the IET Angels of the Energy Field you will:
* Create sacred relationship with yourself, others and the Angels
through a new IET Angelic Gathering Process.
* Test the sacred energy potential of all your relationships (even
test those who are in Spirit)
* Extend sacred relationship energy to others with another new
IET process.
* Convert ordinary relationships in your life into sacred
* Attract new sacred relationships into your life with joy and bliss.
* Live your life more sacredly, be in the present moment (instead
of the past or future.)
*Learn a convenient automatic activation Hand Mudra.

We’ll be practicing so you can experience various types of sacred
relationships.  This is a very powerful workshop that can be very
beneficial to you in the coming year. Please join Jean in
understanding, testing, creating and living your Sacred
Fee: $30 (Pen & paper provided. Includes handout.)