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Lightarian AngelLinks(TM)
Lightarian AngelLinks™* Attunements


Establish a series of five unique and permanent
guideship connections with the AngelLinks to advance
your spiritual development with a team of angelic beings:
Seraph Rose Aura and four known and  beloved
Archangels: Michael, Raphael, Uriel and Gabriel. The
intentions of these celestial members are to infuse into
your energy field many of the qualities and energetic
patterns in which they themselves embody.

These angels chose to come forward to assist you and work individually with you. Their focus is to assist you in
expanding your awareness of pure divine unconditional love, non-judgment, courage, beauty and experiencing
divine joy in your daily life. Not only will you be attuned to these five major angelic qualities, but also each angelic
being will be a guide for you in other specialized areas.

Benefits of being attuned to these specific angelic energies include:  
- Personally assist in navigating within the etheric / angelic realms with ease and grace
- Individualized and customized support with divine healing including emotional healing
- Joyfully and safely light your way into the future time
- Heighten and stimulate your unique creative expression  
- Support improved, more effective communications
These Attunements are especially fine-tuned, extremely high-vibrational and truly permanent in nature.  Each
attunement connection is passed on to you via an easy yet powerful guided meditation technique called an
Attunement.  You may notice that the connections created via the AngelLinks are much deeper than your current
connections and experiences. The permanent linkages with this angelic team are especially fine-tuned and
extremely high-vibrational.  Each of these attunements set up a new and very unique kind of linkage within your
energy field which enables you and this angelic team to work together more effectively.
The program outline and order is as follows:

The Seraph Rose Aura's AngelLink forms the energetic basis for the subsequent connections with the Archangels
making it the prerequisite for the other four AngelLinks attunements.  Seraph Rose Aura will place an angelic
flame of unconditional love into your heart chakra to assist you in all matters of the heart, including the expansion
of self-love and loving relationships. Rose Aura is from the highest level of the Angelic Realm known as the
Seraphim.  Once you are linked, she will become an Angelic Guide who will be ready to assist you in all matters of
the heart.

The Archangel Michael AngelLink connects you with Archangel Michael who blesses you with the energy of non-
judgement into every area of your life. He is known as the "Divine Protector." He  assists you by offering angelic
guidance via his energetic connection for expanding your spiritual gifts such as navigating the etheric realms via
telepathy, channeling and astral projection and spirit communication and more. He has so much love for us that  
It's not surprising that he was the first Angel to volunteer and step forward to participate in this.

The Archangel Raphael AngelLink attunement connects you with a new energy which helps you to tap into the
energies of Angelic Courage and Divine Spiritual Healing. Raphael is known as the "Divine Healer." The multitude
of benedictions from Archangel Raphael will help to guide you with your own personal healings (bringing you back
into divine balance), see opportunities and spiritual blessings with more clarity. He will illuminate your path, so you
can more clearly see the both the challenges and the opportunities and assist you to connect with ease to the
divine healer within the core of your being.

Archangel Uriel AngelLink has stepped forward to connects you with an infusion of "angelic beauty" as he
awakens awareness of beauty, including your beauty, and the beauty within and all around you allowing you to
experience and embrace the feminine side of beauty via a heightened sense of appreciation and the masculine
side of beauty through the stimulation of your creative and artistic expression in its many forms. He represents the
purest reflection of the beauty of “The One” (Prime Creator), and helps to impart his sense of pure, divine beauty
into the hearts and surroundings of mankind.

The Archangel Gabriel AngelLink connects you with the his beloved divine energy of pure joy and communication.
He is known as the "Divine Communicator" and his nature is one of pure joy.  He will imbue you with inspiration
and divine inner strength during times of challenge when you might have difficulty finding joy. He will not only help
you manifest joy in your daily life, but also help you with your inner communication (your divine intuitive gifts.)  He
will also be able to support you in your daily communication, helping you to communicate with more clarity.
Schedule your Attunements:
1. After paying for your program, we will set up an appointment for your distant attunement which can be either
iby phone, Zoom or remote chi ball, whatever method fits your personal schedule. Special request required for
In person.
2. You will receive a manual via email which you will need to read and study before each of your attunements.  
Attunements take approximately 45 minutes to an hour.
3.  Upon completion of each of your attunements, you will receive an emailed certificate with genuine lineage
and a hand signed signature.
4.  You will  receive full registration with the Lightarian Institute for every level of your chosen Attunement. Upon
registration, you will be authorized to purchase your own e-Manuals as well as offer the attunements to others.
5.  You will know you are registered as you will receive a welcome email from the Lightarian Institute.

The Distance Attunement fee for the Teacher Training for Seraph Rose Aura AngelLink is $75.
The Distance Attunement fee for each Teacher Training for four Archangel links are $50 ($200 total)
Grand total for all five attunements:  $275.

Save $28 (10%) when you purchase the Teacher Training as a total package. Total investment: $247
(Payment plans are available.)

The AngelLinks™ establish permanent energetic links for you with the energies of four Archangels (Michael,
Raphael, Gabriel and Uriel) and Seraph Rose Aura. I have found these really useful for self-healing,  
protection, assistance, opening my heart chakra, manifesting goals and more. I connect with these angels
regularly especially in healing sessions and during angel oracle card readings with clients.

The AngelLinks are a great complement to other healing modalities including IET and Reiki in so far as they  
provide an additional healing palette of angelic energies that can be used creatively.

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Each AngelLink infuses you with the purest qualities and energy patterns of the angels.  In essence, each session
adds an additional powerful helper to your spiritual support team who continues to operate in the background of
your life.

You’ll find that each of the five individual Lightarian AngelLinks are such an amazing set of energetic attunements.
They are designed to create incredible spiritual connections.
Prerequisites and Certification

Lightarian AngelLinks™ can be received by anyone without any prerequisites.  

There is no time required between attunements for these programs. However I personally recommended waiting
at least seven days between attunements. This gives you some time to integrate the energy and get to know and
connect with each angel on a more personal level.

Once you receive your Rose Aura AngelLink, you are energetically prepared to deliver healing treatments to your
own clients and train/attune your own students at that level. You are  a certified "Facilitator."  You will be
registered with the Lightarian Institute as a Lightarian AngelLinks Facilitator and Teacher.

And once registered with the Lightarian Institute, you, too can share your Rose Aura connection with others and
you become an "angelic conduit" and help in the expansion of these divine qualities and patterns throughout
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Pricing and FYI
What is an AngelLink?

An Angellink is a simple, etheric energy connection, which is established during a your
guided meditation that becomes permanently established between you and the particular
angelic being.   propagating these angelic qualities and patterns throughout humanity. .
An Angellink creates a unique, empowering relationship between the angelic being and all
levels of your energies.