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Medical Intuitive Session
Medical Intuitive Sessions

Master level medical intuitive, Jean will be able
to tap in and uncover the core issues causing
any kind of illness. This includes beliefs, fears,
nutritional deficiencies, chakra imbalances,
past life issues and other core issues that
need to be remedied to restore a person’s
health on all levels. When the body is back in
balance emotionally, physically, spiritually,
mentally and on the soul level, then their body
can heal itself

You will receive a form to complete and return
within 48 hours of our session.  

Appointments can be up to 1.5
-2 hours
providing detailed information on the causes
of your issues and reviewing in detail the
information provided on the submitted form.
Sessions are not only healing, but also
enlightening and empowering.
Medical Intuitive Information
Questions and Answers
To schedule an appointment or want more information, please either call/text me on 973.945.4330 or send an
email on the Contact Us page located

You will receive a several page form to complete and dates for an appointment.  Once your form is returned, a
non-refundable deposit of $50 is required and needs to be paid prior to our appointment because there is time
involved to review and prepare for your session. Your deposit is applied to your session.  You have six months to
have your session and you may change your appointment a maximum of two times.

An appointment can last between 1.5 to 2 hours depending upon the information provided.
The total fee for a session is $225.

Sessions are also available for pets.  Please contact Jean for more details and pricing.
What is a Medical Intuitive?
As a Medical Intuitive, I received an attunement and was specifically trained to use my medical intuition to help clients identify
together we can pro-actively discover any concerns before it enters the physical body similar to an annual checkup. Unlike an
intuitive angel reading, my Medical Intuitive sessions provide a profile of the Root Cause(s) or Core Imbalance(s.) As a
Medical Intuitive, I trace an imbalance back to its source location,  a holistic approach  (e.g., specific muscles, bones, organs,
systems, glands, chakras or aura) and associated time frame when the client's body was unable to restore balance through
normal processes. A Medical Intuitive Reading includes information about nutrients/toxins, illness residues, imbalances,  
emotional patterns, etc. Medical Intuitive Readings also include an action plan to empower the client's path forward plus
healing of the Root Cause(s) and Limiting Beliefs of their condition, concern, complaint, etc.  This is a team approach where
your higher self and guides (including your guardian angels) provide information and support to reduce, release and
re-balance your body on all levels.  

A Medical Intuitive Reading is not a Medical Diagnosis. A Medical Intuitive Reading can be performed on any one of any age
and medical history and NOT just for people with serious health problems. They are beneficial as an annual check-up/check
in.  Medical Intuitive Readings do not provide or replace a medical diagnosis, which are based on a totally different evaluation
and treatment model.  When you go to a Doctor for a medical diagnosis, it is symptom-based: as a doctor provides a medical
name based on symptoms or complaints.  Then it is also based a specific system such as cardiology, dermatology, whereby
the medical diagnosis is the organ affected: heart disease, rosacea, IBS, etc.

Some clients enjoy receiving a general Medical Intuitive Reading to understand the current state of their body on all levels
(physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.) Therefore, prevention or a holistic view at looking at the "whole person" as an
individual, is a key asset as well as benefit of alternative healing therapies such as Medical Intuition.
What's the difference in having a Medical Intuitive Reading, an "Angel Reading", or your   "Healing Session"?
All three of these services use my divine intuitive gifts, but each focus on a specific outcome. In a Medical Intuitive Reading, my
information is focused on determining the Root Cause (e.g., "why" and "how" your body is where it is today/the core imbalances)
of a person's current state including satisfaction with his/her life. I specifically receive information concerning where the Root
Cause is located, by engaging in and connecting directly to the person’s various organs, bones, Your Divine Healing Team, etc.
and receiving their unified guidance.  Plus discover if there is any unresolved Physical, Emotional, or Spiritual/Karmic Traumas
and where they are lodged in the body and auric field. A complete Medical Intuitive Reading includes a suggested Action Plan
techniques and tools also known as "homework."   Master Level Healing as directed is also provided during your Medical Intuitive

During an Angel Reading, messages are provided from the angelic realm based on what you currently need to know now for your
life in general. You are welcome to ask specific questions and they are happy to reply. The focus on helping you with your life
purpose and helping you reduce blocks and challenges with ease. The angels help steer you toward the objectives and goals
you set for this lifetime as well as providing messages and comfort and healing. The angels almost always provide Action Items
and helpful, supportive tools. I usually find that one specific Archangel will come forward as the main spokes ”angel” specifically
to support you during and after your reading. They provide insights and healing throughout the reading. Being in the energy of the
angels always brings healing energies and feelings of inner peace, joy and calm.

During a Wellness/Healing session, I work with the angelic realm to channel their healing energies and follow their guidance as
to what healing techniques to use that is in your highest and best good. We spend a few minutes before and after discussing
what your intentions are for the healing session as well as how you feel afterward. I do receive messages from your body as well
as from the angels throughout the healing session that I can share during or after the session. The angels are very hands on
during the session. Oftentimes I am working on one part of a client’s body and the angels are working on another part. I often see
them working on another area. We also can uncover where and/or when a specific issue occurred and work to release limiting
beliefs and issues that are causing the situation or concern. I do ask the client’s organs if they have any information that they
wish to share. Chakras and auric fields are also cleansed.  General wellness sessions are also amazingly beneficial as they
bring an overall feeling of joy and inner peace as well as clearing and cleansing your body on all levels (physical, mental,
emotional and spiritual.)

Since you are a Medical Intuitive does that mean you are also a Medical Doctor?
No, I am not.  I was trained as a Medical Office Assistant and am Certified as a Medical Intuitive.  As a Medical Intuitive, I solely
rely on intuitive guidance and insights from your body and divine healing team to receive beneficial information. Remember, our
goal is to determine the Root Cause(s) or Core Imbalances that require resolution, in order to help you and your body return to a
state of balance and health. A Medical Doctor listens to your symptoms then assigns a name to categorize them, which is not
necessarily determining "why" or the  Root Cause of your symptoms.  You know, we go to our doctors for answers when we don’t
feel well.  Although we may get treatment, we may also KNOW that there is something more going on, that it’s truly not all
physical.  SO, what does one do when you are looking for more answers?  

As a Medical Intuitive, I can help people find answers to why. Answers that complement whatever else they are currently doing,
and without adverse side effects. Finding answers and understanding at another level also helps with healing. Divine Source is
always caring and understanding, providing gentle and loving messages to help you understand your imbalances.
What type of information comes through in a Medical Intuitive Reading?
Based on the particular reason for the reading, the information and its format are unique to each client. It may vary from physical to
spiritual or emotional Root Cause or energy flow or chakra descriptions.  

What do you mean by "Root Cause"?
The Root Cause is the initial physical, emotional, mental or spiritual event/situation that caused the body become out of balance
and has not been able to fully recover. The Root Cause, because it is now out of balance, triggers a series of reactions in the body,
which result in dis-ease, dys-function, ill-ness or a general feeling of being un-happy with life.

In most cases, it is not only limited to the trauma alone, but also the accumulation of additional stresses and traumas in a person’s  
lifetime over many years.  One stress on top of each other that has remained unresolved since the initial event that can eventually
result in a physical illness or dis-ease.  

How do you do a Medical Intuitive Reading?
As a Medical Intuitive, I try to attain a level of Discernment and go directly to Source (God/Creator.)  The client is always in a safe and
protected environment, with no judgments.  

How can a Medical Intuitive Reading help me?
Generally speaking, most of us do not really know the series of events or understand the stress patterns within our own bodies
which resulted in our illness or condition. As a Medical Intuitive, I may either see or know or hear about these events as they have
played out within the client’s body offering a very helpful perspective on resolving them. Sometimes knowing the reason or source of
an issue can enable healing to begin on a deeper level.
Can a Medical Intuition session be used in conjunction with traditional medical treatments?
Yes, indeed it can be used with both traditional and holistic therapies. It does not in any way interfere with other modalities.

What types of healing modalities are used during my healing sessions?
Healing sessions can vary, according to the specific needs of a particular client. In a typical healing session, we start by entering a
quantum energy field and bring in the energies of the angels and our Divine Healing Intervention Teams.  Using their guidance, I
may be guided to incorporate Integrated Energy Therapy ®  which is cellular memory release especially in the organs and tissues,
color therapy (colored materials), crystal therapies, sound therapy with music such as drums, chakra bowls, mantras, etc.,
aromatherapy with pure essential oil blends and angelic energy to clear your personal energy space to release physical, spiritual
and emotional traumas, limiting beliefs and blockages.
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*Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person. Jean Hendricks is not any kind of doctor. She does not claim any formal
Intuitive skills and connection and what she sees, feels, hears and knows through her Divine Connection to Source She makes
no verbal or written warranty on the effectiveness of the Medical Intuition session on your condition. Using this service does not
replace or substitute any available medical service. It is to support you and bring awareness to you on another level (physical,
emotional, mental and spiritual.) It is a complementary holistic service.