Sparkle with Angels
Meet your Guardian Angels
Your Guardian Angel also prays for you.  He is your intercessor, best friend, advocate, comforter and loving
mediator.  He understands you and your human-ness.  He is your biggest fan. Isn't it wonderful to know that you
are loved so very much just the way you are?  A beautiful way you to show your gratitude is by thanking them as
well as asking them for their help.  When you invite your Guard Angels into your life, you will feel joy and peace
and more.

Angel of God, my guardian dear, To whom God's love commits me here, Ever this day be at my side, To light and
guard, to rule and guide. Amen.

Guardian Angels can appear to us as male or female, or just bright sparkles of colors. They may show themselves
in a familiar form because they don't want us to be afraid of them. Your Guardian Angels love you just the way you
are. They see you as perfect, they don't see your faults, they see you as being human.

What would you like from your Guardian Angels, the feeling of being loved and comforted, hearing their wisdom
and guidance? Just ask and be open to receive.
Guardian Angel Reading Session

Would like to learn about and meet your Guardian
SESSION:  Find out more about your guardian angels
in this 45 minute session.  It includes a meditation
to connect with your guardian angels and we focus on
helping you build a foundation to strengthen your
relationship with them.  Discover what wisdom and
information they have for you.

The reason why we do a meditation is because I’ve
learned that your Guardian Angels prefer to give their
names to their guardian instead of to someone giving
their person a reading. They want you to discover
their name as it strengthens and unites your
connection. These beautiful beings say it is a special
discovery between the two of you.  I've had success
with clients obtaining the name of at least one of their
Guardian Angels during the meditation.

Once you receive a name, ensure that you show
gratitude and journal their name so you have it
recorded in a special way.  As you call to them by
name, you will start to become familiar with their
energy and how they connect with you.
Meet your Guardian Angels

We all have at least one guardian angel who stays
with us from the time we are created to the time we return
to the other side.  There are no exceptions to this divine
blessing. Most people have two or three guardian angels
who sparkle in different colors and have different
vibrations and purposes.  The amount of guardian
angels often depends on the work we are here o do.  

They are that feeling we have, or the knowing we may
experience.  They gently guide and guard us and never
leave us.

They help us with our material needs and our spiritual
needs. Ask them whenever you need help. They truly are
waiting to hear from you!!

Did you know that even our pets have guardian angels?
Guardian Angel Prayer
Guardian Angel Reading Session
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