Sparkle with Angels
Meet the Archangels
Meet Archangel Michael

Archangel Michael’s name means “Who is like God.”  While most of the angels in the
Bible are called messengers, Michael is described as fighting, or standing against evil
spirits.  Michael is called out by name in Scripture which is quite significant.

He is famously known as a warrior angel providing safety and protection.  Dressed in
armor with sword in hand standing over a demon or devil, he is ready to help us defeat or
fears.  Michael can protect us physically & spiritually. All you have to do is ask, just like
this:  “Archangel Michael, please come and stay with me today.  Please me safe and
protected. Thank you.”  Then just believe, trust and know in your heart that he IS with you.  

He is the patron angel of police officers and those in the military. He carries a magnificent
flame sword (known as his sword of light/truth.)  While it is a sword, it is not used to
slash and cut.  Michael would tell you (as he has told me) that his sword is filled with love
and light which is stronger than a blade that cuts.  His sword can be used to cut away
attachments that can cause us fear, pain, sadness, etc.  

He is associated with the colors cobalt blue, royal purple / royal blue with gold.  If you see
these sparkles of color around you, you’ll know he’s around.  Sugilite and Amethyst are
good crystals to choose to connect with him. He has a wonderful sense of humor to lift
your spirit and make you smile.  He also has  wings that are so strong that when he
wraps them around you, you feel so safe and secure.
Meet Archangel Raphael

Archangel Raphael’s  name means  “God Heals” or “He who heals” in Hebrew his name
Rophe means "medicine doctor.” There is no better name for this angel who is THE
supreme healer in the angelic realm.  His chief role is to support, heal, and guide you in
all matters involving health including reducing /eliminating addictions or cravings.

He works with his emerald green healing angels who are master surgeons.  When you
need some healing (physical, emotional, spiritual, before/after surgery) call on Raphael
and his healing angels.  

He works with people in the medical profession from doctors to nurses to patients,
counselors, pharmacists, vets, holistic medicine, energy healers for people and pets etc.
also works with those in the sciences and philosophers.

He is also known as the “Patron of Travelers” who can be called on for safe travel,
lodging, and luggage detail.  This association to travelers is based on the Book of Tobit
where a father (Tobit) has his son  travel to another town to return some money Tobit
owed someone. Raphael, disguised as a person, accompanies the son on his journey.

Although we’ve been focusing on how he assists people, know that Raphael works to
heal ALL animals and the Earth/environment.  He can even help not only to find lost pets
but also keep them safe until they are found. In this role, he teams with St. Francis to
assist animals.
What is an Archangel?

Archangels are celestial beings of pure energy sent to us by our Creator. They are the
managers of the hosts of angels who help us every day.  Because angels have no ego, they
do not judge us and therefore, always speak to us from a loving heart.  They help all who

They each have their own specific tasks and jobs a main role plus others. All of them are
healers and they excel in all subjects. However, they would tell you that they don't know
everything because only the Creator knows all.  They can see into our records (known as the
Akashic records) to help guide us on our earthly journey and realize our Divine potential.

They are associated with various colors and symbols to help us identify their specific energy
signature as well as to know with which Archangel we are connecting.  They can be either
male or female since they are energy beings, they really don't have a defined gender.  There
are many Archangels. Below are some of the most known Archangels.

They can be at multiple places or be with multiple people at the same time so you never
have to worry that you are taking them away from something more important.  YOU are
important to them, so always feel free to ask for their help.

They minister to us with great joy as they tend to our body, mind, and spirit needs.  They
communicate in subtle ways, using signs, symbols and other daily means to convey their
messages which will be uniquely meaningful to us.  If there is one message that the
Archangels would want you to know and remember it would be that
you are loved so very
much just the way you are.  
Meet Archangel Uriel

Uriel’s name means “God is my light” or “Fire/Flame of God."  He  helps light our way,
he can show you how to find your inner light. He can help you to learn to listen to your
body's inner wisdom, plus open your channels to directly receive divine guidance.

He often gives people sparks of inspiration and motivation and helps you discern
situations, information and people. Ask Uriel to be your mentor and your guide. He
can offer you great wisdom and additional information so that you can make informed
and confident decisions.

His presence is often indicated by electrical interferences including electrical
appliances fusing and light bulbs failing; he also manifests in thunderstorms.  
Archangel Uriel can be called upon to avert weather events and/or to heal and recover
from their aftermath.

He also specializes in helping you develop your intuitive knowing abilities known as
Claircognizance to receive Divine Guidance, Divine Wisdom and Divine Inspiration
through our THOUGHTS (aka Knowing.)

Uriel is known as the angelic mentor for writers,bloggers, marketers, or teachers,
anyone who needs creative ideas and help implementing them.

It is said that Uriel ministered to Jesus in the garden of Gethsemane.  Uriel and Saint
Francis team  together to bring peace on all levels including inner peace,
relationship, spiritual, mental, emotional and world peace. St.  Francis was
ministered to by an angel when his health was failing. Francis reminds us how to be
in peace with what we have and appreciate all of nature.
Archangel Michael
Archangel Raphael
Archangel Uriel
Meet Archangel Gabriel

Archangel Gabriel’s name means  “Messenger of God”  or “God is my strength.”  He
is truly a glorious Archangel of cosmic white light that holds the flame of Divine Purity
and never-ending Hope of God in his heart.  He radiates the most stunning bright
snow white light.

He is the Archangel of Communication.  He is known as the Angel of Prophecy
because he came to the prophet Daniel, Mother Mary, Elizabeth and gave them
messages about the future. He ministered to Joan of Arc. She received counsel
guidance and protection from the Archangels Gabriel and Michael.

He can help provide clear insights, usually via dreams where you wake up with a
bright idea. He helps open or enhance your Clairvoyance (Divine Clear Seeing.)

He is also known as the Patron Angel for Women and Children as he is related to
conception, childbirth, adoption & parenting and healing parent/child relationships
including domestic/family issues. Gabriel helps you connect you with and heal your
inner child to bring divine joy into your life.   

His main symbol is the trumpet which he uses to announce good news messages

He supports writers and journalists, blogs and websites.  He can reveal information
for you to help you create flyers, manuals, etc. for your spiritual work.  

Gabriel is associated with the white or copper (for his trumpet).  If you see sparkles
of these lights around you, you’ll know he’s with you. Selenite and Moonstone are
crystals to choose to connect with him.
Archangel Gabriel
Oracle cards are from Doreen Virtue card decks.
Uriel is associated with the colors red for compassion and passion or yellow for wisdom.  If you see sparkles of either of these
colors around you, you’ll know he’s with you. Garnet or rutilated quartz are crystals to choose to connect with him.

Uriel has a peaceful and loving presence.  He is ready to minister to you, helping you develop and enhance your divine knowing or
provide wisdom and bright ideas.
He is associated with the color emerald green.  If you see sparkles of emerald green lights around you, you’ll know he’s around.  
Green crystals, especially Emerald and green aventurine are good crystals to choose to connect with him.

Raphael is soft and gentle, he has a warm smile and tender touch.  When he wraps you in his wings, you feel such love, comfort
and joy that will lift your spirits for sure.
He suggests one of the best ways to connect with him is writing to him in a journal so that you can record your messages to him
as well as to record the messages he gives to you.  Just start writing… Dear Archangel Gabriel…
Zodiac Archangels
Zodiac Archangels are specifically attuned to YOUR Zodiac sign.  Working with your
own unique Archangel will ring you spiritual awareness and improve your life.   
Zodiac Archangels are especially powerful because they work on the ray of your sun

You can easily attune yourself to their powerful help by meditation to connect to your
specific sun sign Archangel. They generously bring their love to guide you, to develop
your full potential. When you include your zodiac Archangel into your daily life, into
direct contact with your higher self and with your beloved Divine intelligence, you’ll
find that your Zodiac Archangel will lift your consciousness to a higher level of

Working with your Zodiac Archangel will bring miracles into your life, helping you live
your life in harmony, love and joy.  Now that is some Divine awesome birthday gift!
Jody Bergsma, Artist