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WHEN:  SATURDAY, June 29th 3pm - 4:30 pm
IWC, 401 Route 24, Chester, NJ 07930
WHAT:  Archangel Experience Class
Coming soon:
  • Animal Reiki
  • Angelic Soul Writing (Channeling)
  • Angelic Spiritual Protection
  • Ethereal Crystals, Flowers and
    Herbs Attunements Workshop
  • Angels 101
  • Angels 102

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coming soon classes.
Are you interested in learning to use oracle cards
to do readings for yourself?  Or are you currently
using oracle cards but would like to learn how to
use them more effectively?

Both Angel and oracle cards are one of the most
popular divination tools as they are a favorite way
to connect to your spirit guides and the angelic and
celestial realms. If you would like to enhance your
personal oracle card reading abilities, then join us
as we'll discuss how to tune into your natural
abilities to use your personal oracle cards to
receive positive insights, support and guidance.

We will do a meditation for you to connect  
with and meet your own personal Oracle Card
Reading Guide!
WHEN: June 23 Sunday, 1-3:30 pm
WHERE: Huna Healing Center, Denville, NJ
WHAT: Oracle Card Reading Workshop
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Introduction to Personal Oracle Card Reading Workshop
WHEN:  WEDNESDAY May 29th, 7 pm - 9 pm
Huna Healing Center, 23 Diamond Spring Rd, Denville, NJ
WHAT:  IET Healing Share
All IET Students are welcome to join/attend.

IET Energy Share:  A gathering of like-hearted IET students joining together to
give and receive angelic energy work.  Everyone is encouraged to share their
achievements, challenges and energy share from the group.  

As the facilitator, I begin the IET Energy share with a meditation and a brief
discussion of a specific IET topic, for example one of the IET Angels or a Step in
the IET healing session or review of the 5 minute empowerment session.

We will have time to practice healing sessions on people and/or pets.
Suggestions and questions are welcome.  Please feel free to bring your IET

Please let Jean know if you plan to attend (text/call: 973.945.4330.)  Fee:  $15
Are you interested in angels?  Would you like to know how the  
featured Archangel can help you?

The Archangel Experience Class -  Featuring Archangel
Zadkiel: The Archangel of Forgiveness, Compassion, Mercy
and Memory
We will take an in-depth look at the Archangel Zadkiel’s area of expertise, including ways to easily connect with him, from his
energetic color, favorite crystals, his etheric retreat, keynote and essential oils all offered to draw his energetic vibration to you to
raise your frequency and deepen your connection.  Learn the symbols associated with Archangel Zadkiel which will help you know
raise your frequency and deepen your connection.  Learn the symbols associated with Archangel Zadkiel which will help you know
how to recognize him.  Discover his main characteristics and how he can be of service to you.  You will receive a handout with tips
and tools (including a handout with a special yet simple forgiveness prayer, invocations, affirmations and a summary of information
about Archangel Zadkiel) all to assist and enhance your relationship with him.

You will receive a unique attunement channeled by Archangel Zadkiel which will assist in creating a permanent divine energetic
bond between you and Zadkiel.  Together we’ll do a group meditation to meet and Archangel Zadkiel  where you can ask him a
question   or whatever is on your mind or simply opt to sit in his unconditional loving, compassionate and healing presence.   

Everyone will receive a mini intuitive card reading using oracle cards.  Plus receive a handout with a summary of the main points
from the class including prayers, invocations, etc. and an organza bag to take home with items associated specifically with
Archangel Zadkiel to help you create your very own sacred space, enabling you to tap into his energetic qualities and immediately
connect with him going forward.  
,  Beloved Archangel Zadkiel offers us the divine gift of forgiveness. In this
role, he urges and inspires people to forgive others who have hurt or
offended them and to work on healing and reconciling those relationships.  
One of the fastest ways to unblock our energy and attract abundance is
through forgiveness and gratitude. Whenever we work through our past and
truly forgive, we raise our consciousness by raising our vibration.  He can
encourage you to seek forgiveness from the Creator as this blessing can
help you grow spiritually and enjoy more freedom in your life.  Angels do no
judge us and love us unconditionally, so who better than them to help us in
this tender area?

Immerse yourself in the high vibrational energy of Archangel Zadkiel.   We’ll
delve into why his mercy and compassion are so powerful and how he can
truly help you release and heal painful memories. As the Angel of Memory,
he can also provide assistance whenever you have the need to remember or
are trying to memorize something.
Topics that we’ll cover include:
•        Methods to clear, attune, and imprint your cards with your energy.
•        Different cards to use for different card readings.
•        Difference between Oracle and Tarot Cards.
•        How to get more precise answers from your readings.
•        Ways to store your cards.
•        Step by step process for performing your own oracle card reading.  
•        The most useful card spreads to for your own oracle card reading.  
•        What to ask and how to phrase your questions to receive the most accurate answers.
•        Practice to understand and interpret the meanings of the cards.

on practice. You will be given the opportunity to use all the card spreads provided in your handout to
become comfortable and familiar with using the card spreads on your own.
Plus, everyone will have the opportunity to ask questions and receive personal guidance with feedback on
your card spreads. You will receive a handout including several popular card spreads with questions to ask
and more.

You are welcome to bring your questions and your own angle/oracle cards.  This is not a tarot card course,
but you can also use tarot cards for readings. Oracle cards will be available to purchase.  I will bring extra
oracle card decks to use during our workshop practice. And you may also bring your own deck(s) and are
welcome try out some of the practice decks, too!

$50 for workshop including handouts