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Hi, I'm Jean and I'm known as an angel nerd. I just love
these heavenly beings so much that I want to learn
everything I can about them.

It all started when I was maybe 4 or 5. I have always felt
connected to angels,,the celestial beings of love and light.

Like most of us, as I grew older, I focused on school and
other activities and didn't think much about them.

Fortunately, our angels are always guiding us even when
we think they aren't.   

I used to hear a song on the radio and knew something
good was going to happen.  That was one way they
communicated with me.  I also seemed to know things, and
I thought everyone knew, but they didn't! I used to always
say "I know" and that drove some of my friends crazy.  
Once they told me told me to stop saying that!`
• Cetified Angel Card Reader/Practitioner   
• Angelologist
• Certified Lightarian Teacher
• Integrated Energy Therapy® Master Instructor/Practitioner
•Certified Medical Intuitive
• Angels of Energy Healing®
• Scalar Wave Healing for Animals
• Certified Archangel Life Coach
• Spirit Coach Guide
• Soul Coaching® Oracle Card Reader
• Animal Communicator – Sacred Soul Promise Method®
• Certified Fairyologist
• Certified  LifeForce Chakra Healer®
• Usui Reiki Master & Practitioner
• Akashic Records
Holistic Animal Care Workshop Certification
• EFT for People and Animals
• Angel EFT
• Crystal Color Therapy for Animals
• Remote Angelic Property and Space Energetic Clearing
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• Integrated Energy Therapy®
• Reiki Healing Association
• Healing Touch Professional Association
• SARA (Shelter Animal Reiki Association)     •
Woodstock Farm Sanctuary, NY
Modalities / Certifications:
Some Memberships:
I am an Angel Channel, Angelic Energy Alchemist, Certified Medical Intuitive and Angelic Life Coach Mentor who
communicates with your Angels and Spirit Guides to receive Divine guidance for all aspects of your life. I channel
messages of love and wisdom from the Angelic and Ascended Master realms, loved ones and pets here or on the
other side. Among other things,  I am an IET® Master Instructor/Practitioner, Lightarian® Reiki Master/Practitioner
and Certified Crystal Healer.  

My motto “to teach is to learn twice” inspired me to pursue my IET Master Instructor training so i can further help
others connect with the angels through healing.  As a new-age teacher, I facilitate many classes including IET
classes and  Certification Programs, Etheric Crystals, Herbs and Flowers, Animal Reiki, Animal Communication,
plus my own divinely channeled / created series of workshops including The Archangel Experience, Tuning in to
Angelic Wisdom, Angel Crystals and Angel Chakras and Be Your Own Angel Oracle Card Reader.  

As an Angelic Energy Alchemist and Medical Intuitive, I use IET, energetic scans and other tools during your
holistic session to assist and support you in removing blocks in your energy field, cleansing and balancing your
chakras, subtle bodies/auric field, uncovering limiting beliefs while receiving specific information to help you move
forward on your spiritual path and living your soul’s mission.  Before, during and/or after the session, I begin the
process of transforming emotional blocks/fears/beliefs/patterns/traumas, etc which will facilitate your healing. I
also use etheric crystals and proprietary* procedures to laser focus on any physical issue itself including DNA, cell
repair, physical blockages, energetic cleanses plus whatever else is divinely guided as each session is unique.
The proprietary clearing and healing processes are done in a way that is in your highest and best outcome 24x7.  
I ask for the highest vibrational Quantum Healing to bring everything into balance so you can integrate with ease
and grace all the changes that have taken place.

*These proprietary processes are done by God and the Angels in a way that is in your highest and best outcome.
I have a great love and respect for animals and was born with a vegetarian palate.  I was about 13 when I finally
was able to tell my mom that I didn't want to eat meat even though it was very evident since I would give my meat
from my meals to our dog.  I will be forever grateful for her understanding my desire to stop eating meat and
helping me learn how to eat a healthy vegetarian diet.
Sparkle with Angels
I love connecting with the angelic realm and feel it is a blessing to share their angelic messages and wisdom  with
you by using my intuitive gifts.   

In addition of the workshops and classes, I also offer intuitive angel readings and angel parties.  I offer in person
and remote holistic energy wellness sessions for people and their pets often combing healing modalities, scans
and healing tools (including, color therapy, essential oils,  etc.) as instructed by my (and your) Angels, Guides
and Higher Self for the most supportive and integrative wellness session.

I'm married and mom to two rescue cats (brother & sister.)  Visit the
Services page for more information.
I connect with my Spiritual Divine HEART TEAM consisting of Ascended Masters and Archangels as well as
God/Source/Holy Spirit and beloved Mother Earth.  As a Medical Intuitive I scan your body, tell you what is found
and clear energetic imbalances that are detected to bring your body into harmony balance and wellbeing
empowering you to claim your personal power.  With heart-based guidance and angelic support, the outcomes
occur easily and effortlessly.  I help open the door for others by connecting them with the Angelic Realm and their
own Divine Intuition. I often suggest tools and techniques to help you be successful in your current journey.

My mission, as a frequency holder, is to bridge the gap between this world and the Celestial Realms by offering
guidance, direction, empathy, love and Source/Angelic healing to those who are seeking answers and
connections. I believe that we all have the innate ability to not only heal ourselves but also to communicate with
our angels and guides.  Yes, YOU can, too.  
Across the distance and through the years, there's something special
that keeps us together.