What is an Angel Reading by Jean?

Jean can often identify which angels and guides are present during your reading who specifically want to let you know they are supporting you. There is usually one Archangel who speaks on behalf of the spirit team during the reading who provides loving guidance, wisdom and words of support.

Your angelic team offers guidance on topics that are of importance to you including your life, work, health and relationships.  A reading can also be used as confirmation on your life situation. Many people use Angel Oracle cards for confirmation on what they already know to be true for themselves.

This is true for all Angel Readings if you are thinking your intuition is correct in the situation that is on your mind, scheduling an Angel reading for confirmation is one of many signs that may help confirm your thoughts and help develop your ability to know you are in contact with your Angels and guides and receiving the information correctly.

Jean’s readings are an interactive conversation that you, Jean, and your amazing Angelic team (who communicate through Jean) participate in together. These readings come directly from the Angels and are usually about what is currently happening in your life at this current time.  Occasionally Jean receives messages about upcoming activities, which is usually no more than six months out.   This is because we have free will to change the direction of our futures,  at any given point in time.  This includes not only you, but also those who are also included in your future. Since we all have free will, events can change, but the Angels do their best to provide guidance as seen at the time of your reading. Jean is not a fortune teller.  Jean gladly is here to share guidance from your Spiritual Team.

Choosing your Angel Card Reading:

Jean offers various types of Angel Card Readings which can be scheduled either at the center in Denville or via Zoom/FaceTime.

Your angel card reading is a personalized, deeply caring session offering angelic insight, guidance and clarity.

Angel Oracle Card Reading:  This is the most popular angel card reading can be scheduled for either 30 or 60 minutes in person ore remotely (Via phone, FaceTime or Zoom).  It offers a beneficial general intuitive reading that includes loving messages (as well as angelic healing) from your spirit team including: your guardian angels, spirit guides and Archangels.  Your spirit team offers guidance and what you need to know on topics that are of importance to you including your life, work, health and relationships.  They provide actionable guidance and direction to support you on your path.  Extra benefit:  you also receive angelic healing energy while sitting their loving vibration. This provides you with the opportunity to ask the angels any specific questions you may have or for them to focus on various subjects including work/career, finances/prosperity, relationships, etc. or let them provide you with guidance that you need to know.

Book a 30 minute session in person   Book a 60 minute session in person  (Infinity Holistic Center, Denville, NJ)

Book a 30 minute remote session    Book a 60 minute remote session   (Choose Zoom/FaceTime or phone)

                                     Note:  30 minute readings: $60 USD   or    60 minute readings:  $100 USD

Guardian Angel Oracle Card Reading: Using Guardian Angel and Angel Oracle Cards, we call in one of your Guardian Angels to come forward to provide guidance for your reading session. You also receive a blessing from your Guardian Angel. (Topics may include: General/what your Guardian angels want you to know; Relationships; Career, etc.) Your Guardian Angel oracle card reading can be scheduled for 30 minutes in person.

Book a 30 minute session in person   Book a 60 minute session in person  (Infinity Holistic Center, Denville, NJ)

                                    Note:  30 minute readings: $60 USD   or    60 minute readings:  $100 USD

Special Birthday Angel Oracle Card ReadingIs it your birthday or the birthday of  someone special  or a friend? This a specific 45-minute Angel guided oracle card birthday reading. It includes 8 cards with a specific message for each card, for example: Reveal a blessing bestowed or what’s coming into your life.  You’ll also learn who is your specific Zodiac birthday Angel.  Plus a separate 15 minute distance healing is included as an additional birthday gift. (Birthday Gift Certificates available.) Distance/Zoom readings will receive a copy of the card spread as well as a picture of the cards and your Birthday Zodiac Angel.  Approximately 45-60 minutes     

Book a Birthday Angel Oracle Card Reading in person  (Infinity Holistic Center, Denville, NJ)

Book a Birthday Angel Oracle Card Reading Remote (Choose Zoom/FaceTime or phone)

                             Note: ~45 minute reading: $80 USD  

12 Months of Angel Messages – One Card a Month Angel Oracle Card Reading: Using various oracle card decks, this reading provides a card a month (12) months plus 2 messages (one for learnings of the past year and one overarching theme for the upcoming year) via an angel card reading and channeled messages from the Archangels.  Oracle Cards are a powerful spiritual guidance tool that can provide insights and wisdom for you. Fourteen different oracle decks are used to create your unique 12-Month Card reading.  Imagine the benefits of receiving 12 months of angel guidance from your personal angels.

Each month reveals a specific theme and your angels will provide unique monthly messages and share your most likely options and choices for the year ahead as seen from the point of view of your beloved Angelic team.  Receive a handout by month with the angel card and theme of the month. The message of the card, angelic advice and room for your notes are all included. Your individualized personal reading can take up to 1.5 hours as the angels often channeled guidance during your reading.     

This reading brings to you messages about the next 12 months.  Your reading is based on your current life information.  We are all making conscious and unconscious choices and daily decisions.  Your thoughts and actions are rearranging your future! The reading will inform you about any possible obstacles that will need to be dealt with — and the angels and cards will share with you suggestions as to what is needed in order to deal with these obstacles.  Having a one-year reading can help you plan and prepare for the events in your life and allows you to make the best decisions possible where needed.  We set your intention for messages for your highest and best positive outcome for the upcoming year, asking for overall guidance for the year as well as each month.

The future is always unwritten because we have free will to change our minds. Angels and out Spirit Teams can offer guidance on the path and choices to take but ultimately it is up to us to make that leap of faith. Twelve-month Angel Readings may offer a glimpse into your year ahead if we are open to the possibilities that we are in fact being guided by those that love and care for us so very much.

With such a large reading in a 12-month angel reading you need to take the time to read over each Angel card and truly listen to your inner guidance and the angelic wisdom on what that monthly card means to you. Your first initial impression may be completely different to the Angel Card explanation and your impression may be the correct one. It is important to take note of your feeling and remember your Angels are responding to your calls for guidance.

You receive a template with the card and brief message.  Picture of your cards are provided.  This session is often 90-120 minutes

Book a 12 Month Angel Oracle Card Reading in person  (Infinity Holistic Center, Denville, NJ)

Book a 12 Month Angel Oracle Card Reading Remotely (FaceTime or Zoom)

                                         Note: ~75-90 minute reading: $144 USD  


AURA PHOTOS: Auras are seen as a combination of vibrating colors depending upon your energy at the current time. Having your Aura picture taken can help you become aware of the variances in your aura and chakras.  Learn more here.

Certified Angel Life Coach Mentoring:  During your first session, we identify a specific Archangel to be your exclusive Archangel Spiritual Coach.  This is the Archangel who lovingly comes forward and volunteers to guide you on an ongoing basis to help you attract the life you desire.  They will identify three key Divine Guidance topics to assist you with your life’s mission. Jean will channel messages for you directly from your special Archangel Spiritual Coach during your sessions. We also will discuss how you can connect on an even deeper level with them.  Learn more here.

Benefits of a Channeled Angel Card Reading

Realize that Jean is only able to tell you what the Angels share. Our sharing a verbal conversation, helps further our conversation and assists the Angel in providing your messages.  Jean does not choose the Angel who comes forward as they know best, she is the messenger interpreting and relaying the information.  Oftentimes, the  Angel will share information they believe of importance for you to know or affirm something you were thinking.  It may also be something you need to hear in order to heal.

  • You receive the priceless gift of a high frequency healing from the Angels.  The Angels will gently join their energy with yours to lovingly assist to align you with your authentic self, open your heart to giving and receiving love and strengthens your connection to your divine sparkle.
  • Strengthens your connection with the Divine and the Angelic Realm
  • Empowers you to sparkle from the inside out
  • Develops and deepens your own relationship with the Angels
  • Opens your heart to give and receive love without boundaries
  • Gives you Divine guidance, encouragement and empowerment
  • Enables you to effectively release fears so you can move forward
  • Showers blessings of grace, comfort and inner peace
  • Facilitates healing and transformation shifts with ease
  • Cultivates joy and lightness of being
  •  Learn what messages the angels have for you about various subjects. 

What is an Angel Oracle Card Reading?

A Sparkle with Angels Oracle Card Reading  brings you in direct contact with the loving presence of the Angelic Realm, from Seraphim to Cherubs, to Archangels and Angels as well as your Guardian Angels. You are surrounded by the loving, healing energies of all these angels during your session.  Angel divination or other beautiful card decks are used to help guide the reading; the angels provide messages that are channeled uniquely for you.

They see you as a beautiful child of the Divine and want to embrace and uplift your spirits.  During your reading, you have access to higher wisdom and clearer insights as seen from their point of view. This Angelic support comes from the place of 100% pure, unconditional love, without any judgments because these beings know your heart. 

Being in the company of the beloved Angels during your reading is also a magnificent healing salve that effectively melts fears, sweetly illuminates your life path and inspires you to nurture the sparkle in your soul with the help of the Angels. 

Communication with Angels, Guides, or Loved Ones, for example, is like translating a foreign language. There usually is one main Angel/Archangel who comes forward as the spokesperson during your session. Jean identifies and knows who the Angel spokesperson is and will also tell you.  Jean has to interpret the information they send as it received in various formats. The information is based on her knowledge and background.  This is why we have a dialogue as the information is for you and you intuitively will also know it’s deeper meaning.  The Angels choose how they wish  to present the information as Jean has the ability to see, hear, feel, sense and know.

How a Sparkle with Angel Oracle Card Reading differs from other types of spiritual readings:

A Sparkle with Angels Oracle Card Reading is a reading that uses the information that is provided by the Angelic Realm.  It is not a psychic reading or a mediumship reading.  I do not use Tarot Cards, instead I use Angel Divination Cards which provide messages in an uplifting and loving way, with beautiful, meaningful images.    

The angels do not judge your actions or decisions.  They love you so very much that they only want the best for you and their messages bring forward their love and concern for your well-being.

The reading doesn’t usually answer direct yes or no questions because the angels provide guidance and suggestions instead.  They supply  you with in-depth, helpful information which you can use to make decisions of your own. You have the divine gift of making choices and the angels see from a higher perspective so they can provide a unique point of view to help you make those choices.

It is suggested that you have questions ready before your session.  This not only prepares you for your session, but also assists the Angelic realm in providing the appropriate spokesperson.  Know that after your session,  Jean often does not retain most of the messages your Angel provided because these messages are only meant for you.  It is not something Jean controls, as she is the channel who delivers the message. You are welcome to take notes.

 Is it time to have a heart to heart with the Angels?

…to get answers to your most pressing questions or issues?

…to gain courage and a compass for a new direction in life?

…or to find peace and comfort in the midst of a current challenge?

Jean offers readings thru various formats including phone, Zoom or FaceTime.  In the near future, she will also begin to offer in person readings again at her Denville, NJ center. Understand that everything is energy and we so we are energetically connected which enables the Angels to provide their messages whether we are sitting across from each other or on different continents. 

Your Post Angel Reading

  • Do not have any expectations with respect to the work the energies will do. Just receive!
  • Give yourself permission to rest if you feel tired.
  • Drink extra water.
  • Be kind to yourself.
If you find yourself having additional questions after your session , Jean suggests you try: 
  1. Tune into your Angels and Guides in quiet meditation.  Ask them your questions, then feel/sense or know their response.
  2. Or, if you still have questions or concerns, Jean recommends you book another appointment.  

Jean recommends scheduling readings approximately every three or four months (unless something extraordinary is happening in your life that may require a reading sooner).    Generally speaking, not much usually tremendously changes in our lives in 30-60 days.