Aura Photography
+ Reading

Your Aura Photography session at the center includes a reading to review your results. Sessions are done at the center and take up to 30 minutes.
Choose from having your aura report emailed or printed.

What is an Aura Photo Portrait and Reading?

During your session, which is done at the Infinity Holistic Center in Denville,
we begin with having your Aura Photo taken followed by a reading of the results from your aura photo. The entire session lasts for up to 30 minutes.

We all vibrate (our energy) within a certain range.  This represents our aura type which is also known as personality color.  Your aura colors are your personal key to your emotional-energetic map, capable of shedding light upon the subtlest imbalances in your energy.

Through real-time graphic displays, our aura reading device will create a visual interpretation of your energy channels as seen at the current time.

We are able to create a visualization of your energy data at the moment.  The aura reader template takes readings of your hand via a sensor and then converts this data into easy-to-read charts and graphs which can be either printed out or emailed to you as a file. 

For example, the aura is separated by five major components which represent different aspects of an individual’s personality and energy.  your aura report includes all five components with explanations. 

You’ll be able to evaluate your aura and chakra flow on-the-spot and can even track its evolution over time.  The seven main chakras or energy centers are displayed with information in your aura analysis report.

Of course, our aura reading machine may not be able to fix emotional ailments, but this incredible technology can serve as an essential guide on your path to improved personal wellness.

The analysis report provides you with an easy-to-understand interpretation of aura-chakra energies that you can aid yourself in furthering your understanding of your personal and emotional well-being.

How does it work?

The step-by-step process is relatively simple:

  1. Hand Reading. You sit in front of our web camera and place you hand on the Interactive hand sensor. 
  2. Data Collection. The hand sensor will take readings from your hand in just a few seconds and easily transfer the data to the computer.
  3. Data Translation. The data from your hand reading is translated and is displayed not only as the typical aura photo of your head/upper torso, but also includes a series of beautifully detailed charts and graphs just for you.  This is your 12-14 page (average) aura phot report analysis.  And we offer two options.  We will print your aura head/toros image.  And you will have the choice of either having your report mailed to you ($30 fee) or printed while you wait ($40).

Our aura reading machine can’t fix emotional ailments. But our incredible technology can serve as an essential guide on one’s path to improved personal wellness.

By providing you with an easy-to-understand interpretation of your current aura-chakra energies, you can aid yourself in furthering your understanding of your personal and emotional well-being.


Your complete Aura Photograph session can take about ~ 30 minutes total as we will spend some time in reviewing the results of your report which is usually 12-14 pages in length.
You have two pricing options:
$30 – you receive a printed page of your Aura headshot, your personal Aura report is emailed to you and we review your report.
$40 – your receive your entire Aura report including headshot printed while we review your report. It includes a sheet protector to keep your report safe and preserved.  Your report is not emailed.
 We look forward to seeing you!  Click on the images below to enlarge them.

Benefits of an Aura Photo Reading

Some of the positive wellness benefits include:

  • Providing instant easy to understand information on aura-chakra states and other states such as yin/yang and mind/body/spirit levels.
  • Provides you with your personalized aura-wellness reading.
  • Compare aura and chakra readings side-by-side. 
  • Auras are a way of reflecting on who you are by the colors it shows. 
  • Many individual’s aura will have a dominant color with different hues and underlying secondary colors. 


Note:  Energy imaging can bring self awareness and insight into our current energy state, allowing for an opportunity to make improvements to achieve a greater wellbeing. Unfortunately aura camera wellness benefits can’t provide treatment for disease. Only a licensed practitioner can treat physical, emotional or mental diseases. 

Tips to make your Aura sparkle:

Taking time to practice some self-care can help your aura sparkle.  Following are some suggestions to help you keep your aura sparkling!

  1. Ask your angels to cleanse and clear your aura, take a moment or two to allow the angels to do this for you. (This is great to do while you’re in the shower!)
  2. If you prefer a bath, try a weekly salt bath using a cup of Epsom salt plus 1/2 cup sea salt and a couple drops of your favorite essential oil (, lavender, lemon or sandalwood add if possible, some rose petals, too.
  3. Use above mentioned essential oils and place a drop on the top of your had and a drop at the bottom of each foot.
  4. Mediate – there are many meditations available to support cleansing and clearing your aura.
  5. Taking a walk outside, being in nature is a natural way to clear your aura.
  6. Smudge your body using sage or palo santo.
  7.  Play your favorite music or a mantra for cleansing your aura (there are several mantras to try and see what you like!)
  8.  Schedule a healing session either in person or remotely.