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Jean offers unique holistic sessions for people and/or their pets.

Please know that your appointment will be confirmed.

A confirmation notification will be sent to you.  Payment via Venmo or PayPal.  Thank you.

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All appointments will be confirmed by Jean.

Remote Energy Clearings are scheduled for Sundays only.


Available Hours:  Eastern Time Zone
Monday-Fri: 11AM –  7PM
Saturday: 11AM – 2PM
Sunday:  Noon – 5PM


Payment options: You can pre-pay for your session via PayPal to or Venmo @Jean-Hendricks-3  or 9739454330 or  Zelle.

You can pay at the time of your session, we accept the above in addition to cash or credit card. 

REFUND POLICY: We believe in a fair Energy Exchange.  Refunds depend upon the status of your appointment.  

A 100% refund is provided when a session is cancelled 24+  hours prior to a confirmed, scheduled appointment.  One rescheduled appointment is always offered.

In the event that you request a same day appointment and you cancel your session, then, a 50% refund will be provided when a cancellation request is received either by text or phone four or more (4+) hours of your  appointment.  

Refunds are not available after any private, personal, or  energy clearing session has completed.  If you are dissatisfied at any point during the first 10 minutes of your reading or healing session, you have the option to leave and cancel your appointment without payment.  If you complete your session, we believe you are pleased with the services you received and a fair Energy Exchange is requred.


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