Remote Energy Clearings

Jean offers remote energy clearings with the assistance of the Archangels and Divine Sacred Guides for you, your home/property/cars, your pets and your business.

Raise your vibration. The universe is made up of energy which needs to be cleared at least annually.

Remote Energy Clearings affords you the opportunity to receive a clearing no matter where you live.

Energy Clearings are different from a healing or wellness session.  A healing session works on bringing your mind, body, spirit,  chakras and aura/energy fields into alignment.  It is recommended to have a wellness or healing session quarterly, with the changes of the season.  An Energy Clearing works on a different level as it is clearing what is known as low vibrational energy often from thoughts, emotions, feelings or conflicts for example. An Energy Clearing can usually last up to a year (depending upon various circumstances).

What is Energy clearing?

The word  “energy” itself may sound elusive, but did you know we experience it every day when we experience a shift in our mood or emotions when we interact with people or come across various low vibration situations brining us out of alignment with our higher self.  What’s a low vibration situation? Well, for example, it can range from being stuck in traffic on the way to work making you late and angry, having an argument with a loved one , or receiving unpleasant news. It’s any situation that brings us out of alignment/lowers our vibration that causes a change in our happy, peaceful state.  We personally can experience it in the various rooms of our homes or when we walk through the doors of our work, too. 

Although it may seem minimal to us, the influence of energy is something we constantly are experiencing.  And being the humans that we are, we are usually unaware of the adverse effects of others’ energy upon our own energy field.  Our mood may even change when we walk through the door of our home or into our office based on the energy of these places.  These places not only hold on to current, low vibration thoughts, feelings emotions and situations, but also the low vibration thoughts, feelings, emotions and situations of previous owners and workers.  These energies are retained in the floors, walls, other spaces in the home or work as well as on the property.  Clearing these energies helps to release the low vibration, stagnant energy from past and present situations subtly shifting our energy, raising our vibration and how our energy flows.

A Remote Energy Clearing follows a specific  protocol for clearing negative energy with the assistance of the energy of pure Divine light, highly evolved spiritual beings, which includes our beloved Archangels and Ascended Masters.  Using high vibrational energy created through powerful prayers, ancient mantras, and various sacred decrees, the Angelic Kingdom and Ascended Masters are summoned to release all levels of negative energies. Done only remotely, this process can be used for people, pets, homes/properties and businesses.  It can take approximately 2 hours for a session to complete.

Remote Energy Clearing Benefits

The low vibration energy that is influencing us and the space we live and work in can be easily released and cleared!  When you have a personal energy clearing, an energy home/property or business space clearing, the process of bringing your system and the space’s flow back to balance begins. Each of the specific clearings enables another layer of low vibration energy, which does not benefit your system, to safely release.  When stagnant energy is released, it enables your body, mind and spirit to feel peaceful and calm, reducing stress and anxiety.   This beneficial remote clearing work is about returning balance and alignment to YOUR center, YOUR home/property and YOUR business.

Typically, there is a remarkably positive change in the person, animal, or environment within 72 hours after the Remote Energy Clearing takes place. However, this spiritual process is not a panacea. Personal boundaries often need to be established and reinforced, the aura needs to be strengthened, and thoughts, habits and belief systems must be evaluated.  Information about this is provided after the session.

Preparing for your Remote Energy Clearing Session - Overview

  • Remote Energy Clearings are peformed weekly on Sundays only.
  • Once you request your Remote Energy Clearing, you will recieve an email with a form to complete/return plus a PayPal invoice or option to pay via Venmo.  When both the form and payment are received, your clearing will be scheduled for the next available Sunday.
  •  A confirmation email will be sent to you along with suggested intentions based on which of the three clearings you selected.
  • For personal and home clearings, It is recommended that you be home during your session as you may feel tired, but it’s not required.
  • You may wish to set your intention for your Remote Energy Clearing Session using one of the suggested intentions that is provided in your confirmation email. What do you want to shift, change, or release?
  • You may wish to mentally say a prayer to your Angels and Guides for their blessings and support for a successful energy clearing.  Any heartfelt words you choose is perfect.  It is the intention of gratitude and appreciation that is of value to celestial beings.
  • Keep a happy and open mindset. Trust and believe that your Remote Energy Clearing session will successfully bring peace and harmony into your life / home / business.
  • Attempt to refrain from eating anything heavy a couple hours before your session.

Your Post Remote Energy Clearing Session

  • It can take up to 72 hours for the engery clearing to integrate.  This is to allow the energies to clear at a pace that is easy for your body, home/property and/or business to reduce unpleasant impacts.
  • Listen to what your body is telling you and take time to rest or reflect on any experience or insights that may arise.
  • You may wish to ask the clearing energies to help you with your intention on an emotional, mental, spiritual, or physical level.
  • Do not have any expectations with respect to the work the energies will do. Just receive!
  • Give yourself permission to rest if you feel tired.
  • Drink extra water. Staying hydrated helps with the clearing and removing energetic toxins.
  • Be kind to yourself. Give yourself a great big hug for the amazing gift you are giving yourself. 
  • Ask the angels to wrap you in their wings and give you a great big heavenly hug. Be still and receive….

To Learn more about each of these individual clearings, click on the appropriate Clearing link below: