Meet the Angels


Angels are Divine Celestial beings who are pure loving energy.

There are  a variety of different types of angels and a variety of opinions about them.  There are Guardian Angels, Every Day Zodiac Angel Helpers and of course, the Choirs of Angels that include Seraphim Cherubs, Angels and the well known beloved Archangels. 

Many religions include angels.   

Below are the four popular Archangels:

Archangel Michael:  Is best known as the Chief Angel of safety and protection. He protections anything you can imagine, from you to 

Archangel Raphael:  Is best known as the Chief Angel of Healing.

Archangel Gabriel:  Is best known as the Chief Angel of Communication.

Archangel Uriel:  Is best known as the Chief Angel of Wisdom.

Guardian Angels

We are so very blessed to have a team of Guardian Angels to assist us on our earthly journey.  They are always ready to be of service, offering guidance and support. 

We have Angels who have been with us since birth 


Zodiac Angels: Featuring the twelve Zodiac Angels, we’ll discuss how to work with each angel as often as you wish (once or every day of that month).  The twelve angels are based on the months and their Zodiac rulers together with the Elemental Angel of the sign, the ruler of the planet for the sign and other associated angels.  You’ll learn about new Angels! For example, Angel Nadiel, angel of Capricorn (January) is concerned with confidence, determination and self-esteem.  Information will include a mix of invocations, angel messages, simple exercises, meditations and rituals, as well as suggested oils, herbs, candles and colors for each month.  


I often find myself talking out loud to my angels, discussing a variety of subjects.  Sometimes it’s what to buy when I’m out shopping and other times, I’m seeking advice on what classes to create.  They are happy to assist us not only in our daily lives, but also for special needs.

I talk out loud to them mainly because sound carries a wonderful vibration that enhances our connection with these celestial beings.  That’s why it’s recommended that mantras, prayers and affirmations, for example, are best recited out loud for  their highest effectiveness.