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Details about IET Steps 1- 7

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Has your Soul been calling to go deeper into your Spiritual Transformational Journey?
Below are the details for the IET Steps to Transformation Steps 1-7

Details of Each Step 1-7:

Step 1
Heart to Heart Angelic Connection
•  Overview of the Seven Steps

•  Identifying your transformation goals… your intent
•  Overview of Angels
•  Overview of Heartlinks (what they are, how they help)
•  Establish Angelic Heartlinks
•  Learn how and why to instantly re-activate an Angelic Heartlink
•  Learn why and how to establish Human Heartlinks

Connect to the 9 healing Angels of the Energy Field and how us this powerful energy tool to send healing to anyone anywhere in the world as well as your own body, health and well-being

Step 2
Activating Your 12-Strand DNA
•  Learn about how your 12-strand DNA dictates not only your physical attributes, but also your emotional, mental, and soul profiles, and your soul’s mission

•  Exercise to activate your 12-strand DNA, to move you toward your many heart’s desires
•  Learn why and how to instantly re-activate your 12-strand DNA

This class will activate your 12-Strand DNA and via a guided visualization bring to mind your vision board, optimal physical health, perfect career, loving relationship, financial abundance and more.

Step 3
Clear Your Karma
•  What is Karma?  It might not be what you think!

•  Learn about karma’s role in your spiritual evolution
•  Identify and clear your “unwanted” karma
•  Learn how and why to instantly clear your karma

Clear your Karma with the Energy of the IET Angels. This class and meditation will lead you through powerful and effective IET Karma Clearing process to clean up your Karma with ease and grace.

Step 4
Achieve True Forgiveness
•  Understand the meaning of true forgiveness, and its importance to your physical, emotional, mental, and karmic well-being

•  The role of love
•  Identify and clear past and present anger and resentment
•  Learn how and why to instantly achieve true forgiveness

This class and associated meditation ask you to bring to mind three people from the past, present, and yourself  that you  choose to forgive. It is one of the most powerful classes we teach as this powerful IET process truly helps you to forgive and forget.  The key to living peace in the present moment. Forgiveness is for you to move forward having learned the lesson and letting it go.

Step 5
Empower Your Heart
•  Overview of the Empowered Heart archetype, and characteristics of those who have it

•  Understand your potential to live from an Empowered Heart, and why it is important
•  Identify your life’s essential action (this will be important to Step 6)
•  Experience an Atlantean Healing Temple to achieve energetic balance, and validate our life’s essential action
•  Learn how and why to instantly re-activate the Empowered Heart process

The class brings you into full alignment within your heart center. Living with the empowered heart energy enables you to  automatically express your true essence into the world in service to others.

Step 6
Future Life Progression
•  Overview of a Future Life Progression

•  Learn about and meet your Soul Council
•  Take an angelically guided journey to a future life that perfectly embodies your soul in human form
•  Review your journey with your Soul Council, and imprint the journey into your cellular memory

Since past life regressions takes you through a guided journey back into one of your past lifetimes to heal a karmic issue. In this class and future life meditation, we’ll journey forward with the help of our IET angels to a future lifetime in which we were successful in mastering all our lessons and living our true life’s purpose.

Step 7
Cut Cords of Codependency (The Freedom Process)
• Understand the meaning of true Freedom

• Understand the importance of Freedom in living from an Empowered Heart
• Learn about “human energy cords” and how they differ from “heartlinks”
• Identify and cut the cords that are not serving you
• Empower your soul’s energy
• Learn how and why to instantly cut human energy cords

This class and complementary meditation will lead you through an IET process of cutting the cords that prevent you from living your life’s essential action. When you cut unhealthy cords with past and present relationships, you are able to retrieve some of the power that you have given away. This class is truly amazing and abundantly assists in your healing process!

Are Ready to say Yes to You? 

If you are Ready to experience a deep inner transformation with the loving support of the IET Angels…. and

If you are Ready to create a shift in your life which will lift you to levels of joy, peace and love beyond anything you could possibly imagine…

Then the 7 Steps to Transformation are waiting for YOU.

Special Notes:  Each step can also be taught in a private 1-1 setting virtual/online or in person at the center.  

Each step can be added and/ or incorporated into a stand alone healing session.  

Are you In the area? Let Jean bring the class to you… these 7 steps can be offered as a one day class at your location with a minimum of three or more attendees (including you.)  


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