IET Pure Joy Healing Session - Summer '22 Special: Focus on Joy

22% off IET Healing Session June-August 2022


As mentioned in my June 2022 Newsletter, I am offering a special discount on an IET healing session where we focus our intention on the energetic vibration of Joy.

                                       STARTING June 1st: Summer ’22 Special IET Healing Session 

Here’s the details to get some Joy:

Limited Time Offer: June 1st  – August 31st

Joy is such a beautiful quality inside us that actually helps us be successful. It can help us be successful in many areas of our life from finances to health.  It’s an energy that is inside us.  It always existed inside us, but life and busy-ness oftentimes cause our Joy to fade.

Integrated Energy Therapy (IET) works with the energy of angels who help us to gently release emotions that are affect our highest good.  While IET works with nine specific angels, it also brings in the energy of a very special angelic group that is known as Cherubs (or Cherubim).   Cherubs are the angels of Pure Joy!

Joy is also the goal of a complete IET session.  The sequence that IET follows does not cause joy, rather it opens up your ability to feel the joy that was always there, that is still there inside you.  The more that IET opens you to experience this joy within, the more that this joy will become part of your daily life.

There is a specific IET Angel who supports the energy of Joy.  Her name is Celestina.  She helps us remove our blocks to our creative expression and blesses us with Prosperity and Joy.

An IET session is deeply relaxing and the effects continue long after the session is over and are accumulative with each new session. You will begin to notice subtle changes in your life: outdated patterns that begin to change, avenues that begin to open, tensions that fade, joy that creeps in, physical releases, new ways of being that emerge… and the feeling of Joy bubbling up inside you.

Your Options:  Remote or In Person… 22% discount… June1st until August 31st

30-minute session:  Regularly $55  Summer Special $48

60-minute Session Regularly $100 Summer Special $88

Please note that in IET, we have a specific technique and program known as Pure Joy that helps recharge your inner Joy.  It brings in all of the IET angels plus the Cherubim.  (By the way, If you would like to work with the Cherubs and learn how to experience Pure Joy,  I’m offering the Pure Joy Process class in July which also includes a ceramic Joy worry stone.  You can learn more here.) 1

Choose from the three 60 minute options:

  1. In Person single session
  2. Remote single session

1. Summer '22 Special - Find your Joy: A 60 Minute In Person Healing Session $88:
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3. Summer '22 Special - Find your Joy: A 60 Minute Remote Healing Session $88:
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Choose from the three 30 minute options:

  1. In Person single session
  2. Remote single session

1. Summer '22 Special - Find your Joy: A 30 Minute In Person Healing Session $48:
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3. Summer '22 Special - IET Find your Joy: A 30 Minute Remote Healing Session $48:
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Looking for another way to create more Joy in your life?   Join the Pure Joy Process Class– brief overview below:

IET Pure Joy Step to Transformation  In Person:  July 13th, 7-9pm Fee:  $35 @ Infinity Holistic Center, Denville   Prerequisite: N/A  No IET experience  or  training required!

This class introduces you to the Cherubim/Cherubs who work with the nine IET Angels.  The Cherubim offer us the high energic vibration / gift of Pure Joy.   This step provides you with the opportunity to raise your vibration step by energetic step to receive their beautiful gift of Pure Joy. and then share this Joy with others (friends, family, pets, animals, nature, there’s no limit!)    Learn more & register on the IET Class page

                                               Sending you endless angel hugs, blessings and JOY!

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