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Upcoming Classes

Class options are either remote via Zoom or In Person at the Infinity Holistic Center, Denville, NJ.

Jean offers a variety of her own designed and channeled classes.


Intuitive / Spiritual Development Circle with Jean & Lory

Time: 7:00pm – 8:30pm


Description:  Levels 1 and 2 are  11 Weeks, Level 3 is 8 Weeks for our Intuitive / Spiritual Development Circle with Jean & Lory.  Are you ready to advance your spiritual path and develop your intuitive abilities? Our goal is to provide you with a strong foundation to connect with your spiritual path and build your intuitive abilities. Each weekly circle will focus on specific topics and exercises including meditation.  This Circle is designed to assist your spiritual growth and develop your psychic/mediumship abilities. In order to receive a certificate of completion no more than two classes may be missed.

Fees:  $30.00 non refundable registration fee plus weekly class fee: $20.

Your Role:  A 90-minute weekly commitment to attend all (if possible as we know life happens) weekly circles.  Attendance is essential as we build both the energy and unity of the group enabling  you to expand your abilities.

Benefits:  This is a closed circle. Enabling you to safely explore a variety of metaphysical topics and spiritual tools through class discussion.  Experience expanded guided meditations and practice exercises that activate your abilities enabling you to develop vibrationally, spiritually and intuitively. Expanding and honing your intuitive abilities supports you in your daily life as well as at work, especially if your goal is to offer spiritual services professionally.  Throughout the semester you may receive homework to assist with your development.

  • Build your intuitive confidence.
  • Gain Intuitive expertise in identifying your spiritual team.
  • Learn to develop and accurately speak through your intuitive senses.



Zodiac Angels: Featuring the twelve Zodiac Angels, we’ll discuss how to work with each angel as often as you wish (once or every day of that month).  The twelve angels are based on the months and their Zodiac rulers together with the Elemental Angel of the sign, the ruler of the planet for the sign and other associated angels.  You’ll learn about new Angels! For example, Angel Nadiel, angel of Capricorn (January) is concerned with confidence, determination and self-esteem.  Information will include a mix of invocations, angel messages, simple exercises, meditations and rituals, as well as suggested oils, herbs, candles and colors for each month.

Etheric Crystals, Botanicals & Essential Oils (includes 5 Attunements):   Receive attunements to 61 crystals, plus botanicals and essential oils. Learn how to use all of them with simple directions.  Includes a manual with beneficial information plus I several quick crystal reference charts. This has a certificate.

Pendulums 101:  A pendulum is a fun divination tool that you can use to get answers to questions. There are various methods to dowsing; this class includes how to connect to your pendulum and how to ask the right questions. Together we will discover the in’s and out’s to using a pendulum along with exploring different charts that can assist you with a pendulum reading and lots more.  FYI, you will be able to use your pendulum to assist in balancing your chakras.

Universal Laws for Everyday Life: Our amazing world is made up of hundreds of Universal and Spiritual Laws.  They govern the universe and everything in it.  In order to help us understand how everything works harmoniously,  becoming aware of these laws, can guide you on how to live in accordance with them.  The result is a happier and more fulfilling life.  You’ll experience less struggle and more flow, more certainty, and less confusion. You’ll feel Universally supported along your life’s journey.

Jean offers a variety of classes.  Below is a description of some of her upcoming classes.   

Chakras Wisdom:  We’ll take an in depth look at your chakras during this series of classes which will discuss not only your 7 main chakras, but also other major and minor chakras.  Includes several tools to help balance and align your chakras including mantras, chakra assessments, meditations, and several handouts. 

Angels 101:  Classes to help you learn about the angels covering the Nine Choirs of Angels, Five Archangels and many Angel Helpers.  Handouts and a one card reading are included with each class.

Meet Your Guardian Angels:  An entire class focused on Guardian Angels  We will cover the history of Guardian Angels, a meditation, one card reading and a small organza bag with Guardian angel items.  You will also receive specific information about YOUR guardian angels. Early registration will include an additional “gift” for you.

Meet the Archangels:  Each class will focus on in depth information about a specific Archangel. Includes an activation/attunement from the Archangel, handout and items associated with the Archangel to start your connection with the featured Archangel.

Coming Soon!! New Classes and Events!

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