Your Aura

What is your Aura telling you?

Aura Photos

What is your Aura telling you (and others!)?

When your aura is shining brightly around you, it can not only help you to feel and look more radiant, but it can also help you easily manifest your desires and feel more aligned and at peace with your soul.

What is an Aura?

 A  person’s aura is typically made up of multiple colors which can be capture by a camera or by some people who have the ability to see auras. The colors are likened to a  rainbow.  Their vibrancy depends upon your inner state and your vibrational frequency.   The colors are usually brighter and more radiant when operating on a healthy frequency.  However, they can become dimmer and weaker when that frequency isn’t so strong. 

It looks like a halo around the bod that pulses around your physical body and is attuned to your emotions, health and external circumstances.  Auras can change over time depending on various factors, such as your thoughts, feels and current experience.    

Every aura radiates energy that can feel good or not so good.  That’s why sometimes one person may make you nervous while another makes you feel calm.  This “vibe” or vibrational frequency produces the energy that we feel.  Some people can see Auras or may just know or feel what color an aura appears at that moment.  Jean is able to see and know what colors are in someone’s aura.  Auras are also closely associated with our chakras as the physical layer of the aura is represented by the chakra colors.

People, animals and plants/trees all have auras.   And yes, our pet has an aura!


We know that the well-being of your pets matters, too. Our aura machine also can provide you with aura-energy readings of your pets!  Your pet will have to place their paw on the hand/paw sensor for several 15-20 seconds to obtain their aura information. 

Your Aura’s Power

Auras are an incredible resource for self-discovery and growth. By taking time to observe your own aura, you can gain insights into your energy, emotions, and well-being. By recognizing and harnessing the power of your aura, you can really open yourself up to a world of self-knowledge and healing.  An Aura Photo session provides you with powerful data from your hand reading as a series of beautifully detailed charts and graphs.

While the aura reading machine is not intended to fix emotional ailments, it can serve as an essential guide on one’s path to improved personal wellness. By providing you with an easy-to-understand interpretation of aura-chakra energies, you can aid yourself in understanding your personal and emotional well-being, helping to create a better you!

Auras can consist of a single color or a combination of colors. Knowing the color of your aura can help you understand yourself on a spiritual level and gain insight into your well-being. You also learn about the current body/mind/spirit state as well as the current state of your energy, chakras and more.

Aura Photography 

Aura cameras are used to produce aura and chakra computer graphics onto a screen or into a photograph and printed. It is a unique holistic spiritual imaging system created to help people with the health of their mind, body, and spirit.

How the Aura camera works: The camera captures both a picture of your head/upper body and another view of your entire body.  The image of your aura is mapped into a human physical state and shown as beautiful aura colors.

 In four simple steps, your aura image is displayed on screen:

  1. Sit in front of the aura camera and smile.
  2. Comfortably rest your hand on the sensor to allow the aura camera to collect your data.
  3. Your aura image appears on the screen:  Auras and chakras will change in real-time.
  4. We save your information and print your report.
  5. We go over your report to help you understand the data.

Benefits of an Aura Photo and Reading:

  1. An instant, easy way to understand and receive information about your lifeforce/chi-energy
  2. Ability for you to visualize both your aura and your chakras
  3. Receive a detailed analysis/reading for a deeper understanding of potential energetic imbalances
  4. Identify and monitor any internal energy channels that may be out of harmony/balance
  5. And check out this article about Auras and your Zodiac Sign

Click on the link below to book your Aura Photography session.

There are two options.  

1. You can choose an Aura Photo session with mini Aura Reading In Person only @ Infinity Holistic Center Only – Email Report Option $30

2.  You can choose an Aura Photo with mini Aura Reading – In Person only @ Infinity Holistic Center –Print Report Option $40 (not emailed).  Receive a ~14-15 page report at time of service which includes a sheet protector cover to keep your report safe and protected. 

Auras hold information about your thoughts, feelings, and general energy. It appears as a color that’s usually invisible to the human eye.  However, not only are there some who can see them clearly, but also there are ways you can practice increasing you aura viewing ability – even if it is for your own aura!  Our Spiritual Development Class helps you learn more about your chakras and auras.  We also offer a Chakra Immersion class if you are interested in learning more about your chakras.

When you are stressed or in a stressful environment or around something that brings your vibration down, your auric field can become impacted by that energy which can make you feel tired and unaligned with your soul.  This can cause you to have a more negative outlook and feel unmotivated.  Just like we have to protect and care for our physical body, we also have to protect and care for our aura/energetic body.  If you are feeling drained, stressed, or out of sorts, perhaps you’re in need of an aura clearing and cleansing.

So one way to help prevent getting yourself to that point, you may want to clear and cleanse your energy on a regular basis.  One option is to schedule a healing session.  This is always a beneficial choice to clear your aura, align your chakras and bring you body, mind and spirit back into balance.

Alternately, below are some easy,  no cost ways for you to clear your aura.

Easy Ways to Clear and Cleanse Your Aura:

The elements have wonderful aura cleansing and energy healing properties. 

  1. Ask the angels to clear your aura when you are taking a shower. Devote 30 seconds to imagining the angels showering you with their cleansing rainbow light – clearing your aura, removing all the low vibrational energy that is “holding you down”.
  2. One Option is to take a walk during a light rain / sun shower allowing Mother Nature to bathe your aura in her cleansing raindrops to neutralize any energies that are not for your highest and best good. Look up at the sky and let the raindrops caress your face. Imagine that the water is melting your stresses and worries away into the ground where Mother Nature easily cleanses it. Imagine all your troubles and stresses flowing away from your mind and aura along with the clear water.      Another option is to substitute the wind to help cleanse your aura. When it is windy outside, simply standing outside facing the wind, arms outstretched. Close your eyes and let the wind whip around you, removing and transforming challenging and stuck energies into pure positivity and exhilaration. With a joyful heart, feel yourself spinning around so your front, back and sides get to feel the awesome cleansing power of the wind.
  1. Spend 10 or so minutes in the sunshine, with your bare feet on the ground. This helps your aura sparkle and shine.  Intend that the sunlight is nourishing your aura, image your aura sparkling.
  2. Pretend that you are combing your aura. The way you do this ensure your hands are clean… so wash and dry them thoroughly. Then set your intention that you are going to clear your aura. Spread your fingers into a comb shape and comb through the space surrounding your body starting at your head continuing downward to the toes and under your feet.  Three times works best unless you are guided to do more. Afterwards, clean your hands again with running water allowing any remaining combed up blessing the energies that are being washed away.