Remote Personal Energy Clearing

Jean offers unique holistic angel led energy healing sessions for people and or their pets.

Change your energy, change your life.

Focusing on yourself is essential for your well-being. Be the energy you want others to absorb.The energy we show up with is more often than not the energy we encounter.

Energy is the language your body speaks. A Remote Personal Energy Clearing Session can provide a marvelous and gentle way to reduce stress, remove blocks and restore balance and harmony into your whole being. To experience harmony, balance, and wellbeing in every aspect of your life, it becomes important that all layers of your vibrational energy function together, united holistically.

A Remote Personal Energy Clearing is  a very specific and detailed channeled process that follows a specific protocol for clearing and releasing low vibrational energies from you with the assistance of the energy of pure Divine light, highly evolved spiritual beings, which includes our beloved Archangels and Ascended Masters.  Using high vibrational energy created through powerful prayers, ancient mantras, and various sacred decrees, the Angelic Kingdom and Ascended Masters.  All are summoned to release all levels of discordant energies. Done only remotely, this comprehensive process can take approximately 2 hours to complete.


your Remote Personal Energy Clearing Session

As human beings, there are times we have strong emotions over a situation or issue, we have repressed negative feelings perhaps from unresolved conflicts or we are sensitive and therefore, vulnerable to the energy of stress and anxiety.  This often then attracts more of this low vibration type energy to us. This results in the layers of our energy fields becoming clogged with emotional debris as it attracts more of a similar negative vibration. If this sounds like you, you may wish to request a Remote Personal Energy Clearing.

There are many causes of energetic blockages in our bodies and energy fields that restrict our spiritual growth. For example, emotional energies such as anger, annoyance, fear, jealousy, etc. stay in our energy field. Situations such as relationship issues, road rage or work stress also remains in our energy field and body.  This creates the energies which causes difficulty concentrating, interrupting one’s meditation practices, creating and heightening our fear/anxiety, and promoting negative thinking.

Your Remote Personal Energy Clearing Benefits

  • Feel aligned with your higher self
  • Experience balance, internal peace and calm
  • Experience less fear, anxiety and negative thinking
  • Feel comfortable inside and out
  • Experience better night’s sleep
  • Become more positive and creative
  • Become more aware of profound change in your energy fields
  • Find it easier to be more meditative
  • Become more spiritual
  • Have a sense of reduced internal stress
  • Others notice these changes in your personality.
  • Experience enhanced clarity of mind
  • Release unexpressed emotions
  • Experience feelings of happiness and joy
  • Increase your personal cash flow lines/abundace

Would A Remote Personal Energy Clearing Benefit You?

Below are 10 questions to help you determine if you would benefit from a Remote Personal Clearing session.  We suggest that your yes/no responses are considered from the point of view from your early childhood up to the present time. 

  1. My energy level is low.
  2. I often experience mood swings or shifts in my character.
  3. I experience “inner chatter” in my mind.
  4. I have experimented with drugs (this includes alcohol).
  5. I have exhibited impulsive behaviors which is typically unlike me.
  6. I have had experienced sudden anxiety or depression with no clear reason.
  7. I have had a blow to my head.
  8. I often have poor concentration, and find it hard to focus on a task.
  9. I have been involved in an accident.
  10. I have visited: a bar, cemetery, hospital, nursing home and/or funeral parlor



Assign the following point values for each YES answer.

Question 1 = 1 pts               Question 2 = 3 pts
Question 3 = 5 pts               Question 4 = 5 pts
Question 5 = 3 pts               Question 6 = 3 pts
Question 7 = 5 pts               Question 8 = 1 pts
Question 9 = 5 pts               Question 10 = 5 pts

26+ Points  You have acquired significant low vibration energies and a Remote Personal Energy Clearing session is strongly recommended at this time to bring your energy back into alignment/balance.

18-25 Points  Your score indicates that you have considerable energy blockages.  A Remote Personal Energy Clearing session is highly recommended as you would indeed benefit from the session.

9-17 Points  You have accumulated enough negative energy and it is recommended that a Remote Personal Energy  Clearing session would be beneficial.

8 Points or less  Congratulations! Your energy is bright and clear! No energy clearing session is required at this time.

              Or you might consider the below statments to help you decide to request a Remote Personal Energy Clearing:

If you have experienced more than five of the eleven below Personal Life Situations, you might consider scheduling A Remote Personal Energy Clearing

  1. Your history includes a serious illness, hospitalization or surgery
  2. You experienced a childhood injury or difficult birth
  3. You have/had an addiction to alcohol, drugs, sex, pornography
  4. You have been diagnosed with anxiety or stress
  5. You have experience of circumcision, abortion, or organ transplantation
  6. Your history includes physical, mental, sexual, or emotional traumas
  7. You consume large amounts of medications
  8. You were a witness of a tragedy or an abusive situation
  9. You have been in a motor vehicle accident
  10. You are a victim of physical or mental abuse
  11. You have had a head injury, loss of consciousness, or near-death experience

About Your Remote Personal Energy Clearing

  • All Remote Energy Clearings are peformed weekly on Sundays only.
  • Physical contact with you is not required because energy and spirit are not limited by time and space.
  • Once you request your Remote Personal Energy Clearing, you will recieve an email with a form to complete/return plus a PayPal invoice or option to pay via Venmo. 
  • When both the form and payment are received, your clearing will be scheduled for the next available Sunday. 
  • One rescheduling is allowed. Refunds are only applicable prior to your session taking place.  A 24 hour email or text notification is required.
  •  A confirmation email will be sent to you along with suggested intentions based on your Remote Personal Energy Clearing.
  • For your clearing, It is recommended that you be home during your session as you may feel tired, but it’s not required.
  • You may wish to set your intention for your Remote Personal Energy Clearing Session using one of the suggested intentions that is provided in your confirmation email. What do you want to shift, change, or release?
  • You may wish to mentally say a prayer to your Angels and Guides for their blessings and support for a successful energy clearing.  Any heartfelt words you choose is perfect.  It is the intention of gratitude and appreciation that is of value to celestial beings.
  • Keep a happy and open mindset. 
  • Trust and believe that your Remote Personal Energy Clearing session will successfully bring peace and harmony into your life.
  • Attempt to refrain from eating anything heavy a couple hours before your session (helps with integration).

Your Post Remote Personal Energy Clearing Session

  • It can take up to 72 hours for the engery clearing to integrate.  This is to allow the energies to clear at a pace that is easy for your body, home/property and/or business to reduce unpleasant impacts.
  • Listen to what your body is telling you and take time to rest or reflect on any experience or insights that may arise.
  • You may wish to ask the clearing energies to help you with your intention on an emotional, mental, spiritual, or physical level.
  • Do not have any expectations with respect to the work the energies will do. Just receive!
  • Give yourself permission to rest if you feel tired.
  • Drink extra water. Staying hydrated helps with the clearing and removing energetic toxins.
  • Be kind to yourself. Give yourself a great big hug for the amazing gift you are giving yourself. 
  • Ask the angels to wrap you in their wings and give you a great big heavenly hug. Be still and receive….
  • Afterward, Jean records an MP3 which is emailed to you which summarizes your session including the types of energies that were released during your Remote Energy Clearing process. We identify, and release, various types of low vibrational incongruous energies.  We usually do not know the source of all energies or how long they have been present. After these energies are cleared and released, healing of your chakras and body are provided by these Divine beings.

Additional Info About Remote Energy Clearings

It is highly recommended to request a Remote Personal Energy Clearing session first before requesting any other energy clearings.

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