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Upcoming Classes at the Infinity Holistic Center:

Below are some classes that are being offered and developed with the help of Spirit and Angels....we look forward to seeing you! NOTE: NJ State Covid Policies are applicable - currently face masks are optional.

UPCOMING CLASSES with Jean – please remember to register   Many IET Classes are being offered here

Angelic Mediumship Certification WorkshopSaturday, September 10th,  1pm-4:30pm Fee: $45.  This workshop will help you to hone your natural gift of Mediumship by incorporating the amazing energy of your Angels, especially connecting with a few Archangels who specifically can assist you during your Mediumship session.

If you are interested in Mediumship or already consider yourself a Medium and if you do Angel work it is almost certain that a past loved one  may come through at some point. With the skills and confidence you will gain in this class, these moments can become divine opportunities for re-connection, healing and forgiveness for you/your client and the loved one in spirit.

You will  be guided through the process of intuitively detecting when you are in the presence of a spirit or deceased loved one/family member. You will learn the little-known methods of “spirit release” a powerful and effective healing method for depression, anxiety, and other ailments through the process of releasing earthbound spirits.

Whether you want to learn about Mediumship for your own comfort and communication with departed loved ones, or you wish to help others, this class will help you increase your self-confidence and your psychic abilities.

We will cover several topics including:

  • Increasing your clarity in hearing divine messages
  • Discerning departed loved ones in the aura of your client
  • Discerning familial relationship of departed loved one to client
  • Receiving specific details on departed loved one to verify your readings
  • Methods of clearing, shielding, and healing yourself

We will spend time practicing.  It is requested that you bring pictures of your loved ones in spirit (it is best if they are the only person in the picture) as well as any objects that belonged to loved ones in spirit.

You will receive a certificate of completion.

Register here

Chakra Immersion WorkshopThursday, September 29th, 7-9pm  This is a 4-week 2-hour/week workshop. Fee: $150. 

During this intensive workshop, we will spend time discussing over  15 aspects of the seven major chakras and helping you to understand how to apply them to your chakras.

We will cover two chakras per week with an in depth meditation (you may wish to lie down during this time so bring your mat/pillow, etc.)

You will receive many handouts and a certificate of completion. Register here 

Channeling/Automatic Writing Immersion WorkshopSunday October 23rd 1:30pm-3:30pm Fee: $40.

During this amazing workshop, you will learn:

  • The difference between journaling and channeling.
  • How to safely connect with different pure and sacred Beings of Light
  • Keep yourself protected while you channel.
  • Written and verbal channeling
  • We will devote a lot of time to practicing the process and channeling.
  • Notebooks and handouts provided
  • + more

Blessing Bowl Workshop,  Two Dates:  either Saturday October 29th, 2-4 :30 pm or  December 11th, 2-4:30 pm Fee: $35 (does not include bowl) A special blessing bowl workshop — Create your own Blessing Bowl for Manifesting in the New Year!  It is not happy people who are thankful it is thankful people who are happy.

This workshop uses  Integrated Energy Therapy®  and is designed to help you create your own IET Angelic attuned Blessing Bowl for manifesting. Let your Blessing Bowl be your New Year’s vision board.   You do not need to know IET to participate!  Everyone is welcome to create their blessing bowl for the new year!

The Blessing Bowl is a vessel that holds written acknowledgments and images of the blessings in your life as well as the dreams and desires you would like to manifest.  Manifesting is super-powered with a Blessing Bowl when it is attuned with IET angelic energy and attuned to YOU. With the help of the group energy and the IET Angelic Energy, you can magnify your hearts desires and bring your life into alignment with the blessings of what you are meant to create.

During this class:

  • We will discuss different blessings and manifesting methods
  • Learn to write and set your own powerful intentions
  • Learn what items, messages, etc. you can put into your sacred blessing bowl
  • Assist in the process of blessing your own individual bowl  (handout included)
  • Heartlink to the Angels and your Blessing Bowl
  • Your Blessing Bowl will be attuned to the divine IET Angelic Energy and to YOU


Bring your own blessing bowl, choose one that is visually pleasing to you, about 6-8 inches in diameter, 4 to 6 inches high and made of any material you wish including Singing, wooden, metal, crystal, glass,  or salad bowl….it’s your choice. 

(Note: Jean will bring bowls with her which will be available for separate purchase – a bowl is not included in registration fee.)

Make the Healing Angels part of your New Year blessings and manifesting journey. 

To Register choose an option:

Option 1: Saturday October 29th, 2-4:30pm register here 

Option 2: Saturday, December 11th, 2-4:30pm register here

IET for Pets Saturday, November 12th, 9:30am-5:30pm Fee: $120.  IET for Pets class was developed for people with pets as well as people without pets who simply love animals. This class was designed to focus on cats, dogs, and horses and to teach how to offer a complete Basic Level IET session to our best friends and all creatures.  More info here 

Forgiveness WorkshopSunday  November 20th 1pm-4pm Fee: $45.   Forgiveness is not forgiving.  Learn what forgiveness really means and set yourself free…  This is a very healing class as the angels and your guides and angels will be supporting you throughout the workshop. 

This workshop will  include notebooks and handouts.

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Aromatherapy  WorkshopSunday December 4th, Fee: $35 (includes all materials to make a holiday essential oils spray/gift)


Sunday Tea with the Angels  Monthly book club Start Date 2022….Sunday afternoon… 1:30- ~3pm

Jean would like to expand and deepen your knowledge of angels in a relaxed and comfortable environment.  She was guided to create a monthly book club.

It won’t be your usual book club as you are NOT required to read ahead.  Instead, we will read the chapters during the book club.  We can discuss it as we read, questions, comments, thoughts are encouraged. Then Jean will lead an angel meditation based on our discussion.  Jean will also share a message for each book club attendee from that angel. 

About our first book:  Angel Healing & Alchemy – How To Begin: Melchisadec, Sacred Seven & the Violet Ray by Angela McGerr  

No need to purchase this book.  Jean will bring copies at the first meeting. 

This practical handbook teaches:

  • How to work with angels and to develop “clair” skills
  • To feel and sense the presence of the angels
  • How to work with each of the eight mighty angels and using this knowledge to gradually heal self and life.
  • The objective is to connect with each angel in order to draw angelic rays of healing, using these to release blocks, gain a higher vibration and to thus attain new levels of physical/spiritual harmony.
  • Includes Angelic Light Attunements

Group Chakra Healing SessionExperiencing any of these examples:  Poor sleep habits, headaches, throat issues, high blood pressure, poor digestion, lower back pain or fatigue?  These are signs of blocked chakras.  One benefit of your chakras being open and balanced is that your physical body is healthy. Another benefit is that you feel energized.

Everyone is welcome to attend even if you are new to chakras. We’ll take some time to discuss the major chakras.  You will set your intention for your chakra healing then relax on your mat and prepare for your mediation.  Jean works with the angels and during the healing meditation, the angels are called in to assist with individually healing each person. 

Join Jean for this monthly group chakra balancing /healing session.  Bring your mat, blanket & pillow. 

Class length: 60-90 minutes (includes time for sharing/questions after the meditation).


Zodiac Angels: Featuring the twelve Zodiac Angels, we’ll discuss how to work with each angel as often as you wish (once or every day of that month).  The twelve angels are based on the months and their Zodiac rulers together with the Elemental Angel of the sign, the ruler of the planet for the sign and other associated angels.  You’ll learn about new Angels! For example, Angel Nadiel, angel of Capricorn (January) is concerned with confidence, determination and self-esteem.  Information will include a mix of invocations, angel messages, simple exercises, meditations and rituals, as well as suggested oils, herbs, candles and colors for each month.

Etheric Crystals, Botanicals & Essential Oils (includes 5 Attunements):   Receive attunements to 61 crystals, plus botanicals and essential oils. Learn how to use all of them with simple directions.  Includes a manual with beneficial information plus I several quick crystal reference charts. This has a certificate.

Universal Laws for 2022 & Beyond: Our amazing world is made up of hundreds of Universal and Spiritual Laws.  They govern the universe and everything in it.  In order to help us understand how everything works harmoniously,  becoming aware of these laws, can guide you on how to live in accordance with them.  The result is a happier and more fulfilling life.  You’ll experience less struggle and more flow, more certainty, and less confusion. You’ll feel Universally supported along your life’s journey.

Coming Soon!!

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